Skill or Be Skilled Lyrics by Thirstin Howl III

  • Album Release Date: 1999
  • Features : {Rack-Lo}

Thirstin Howl III ft. Rack-Lo – “Skill or Be Skilled”
[Emcee(s): Thirstin Howl III and Rack-Lo]
[Producer(s): Will Tell]

Thirstin Howl!
Slabba Ranks!
Dr Dru Little!

[Hook][Thirstin Howl III & Rack-Lo]
Skill or be skilled! (3X)
A split decision!

[Thirstin Howl III]
Lighting fixture
Stage setting
Free-hand sketching
Underground Basement entry
Fall-out shelter
Tonic seltzer
Spring faucet
Starving artists force fed
Fall back, stand up
Follow stan does
Two-hand touch
Akward power forward
Brontosaurus strength
A forklift
Honest man
Belly of the beast on sonogram
Optionless scholarships
Grade average
Blaze Gavin havin impact
Shadowboxing-scared to get hit back
International, domestic
Solar venues barricade on exits
Grand Entrance
All-time great
Heavy weight division
With God loose on jet skis
And still people do 20-20 vision
Water-resistant untamed scholar
Cut-thraot, snake in the grass cobra
High off life so I sky-dive sober!
Guinness book perfectionist
Rhyme specialist
Rock steady
Doin’ head spins on cardboard boxes
Many vent
Carve my name in stone undefeated
Sitting on my throne


[Thirstin Howl III]
Face mask, Shoulder pad shin guard
Off the hockey puck – Spitsquad!
Lion’s den
Dragon’s pit
Dribble lay-ups
And assists (whistle)
Out of bounds
Rowse up crowds
Boxing tickets
Not religious
Ice hockey without equipment
Life’s arena felony repeater!
With reason
Negative balance, positive magnet
New York streetclub
Stickball fully equipped, plus installed
Any drain unclogged
Cross-country kayak
By crash parachute landings
Got booze and skiis (Dr Dru!)
Pronounce witness leaving locker room

Honorable mention fencing
I comp tournaments
Black belt learned tae kwon do for self defense
Spar with my alter-ego
A surgeon born on Skilligan’s Island
On a voice of the people
Good versus evil, unbelievable
Strike-out screwballs
Change-ups like Ru-Paul valleyball
Standing ovation, round of applause
Surfing on surfboards
Left tackle shatter backboard
Reload (glass breaking)

[Thirstin Howl III]
Rap passion
Handball or racket
Hold in U.S. open
Close caption
Captured sattelite disc signal
Lost in night mists
Viewer discretion
Riot fire set in cheapshot
Score from penalty box
We puttin’ our cash
On the hundred bar dash
Gettin encores
On the dartboard
Skilled archer author of honor
Integrity in a pair of cleats
Check my bullet gold card
I skill everything I touch
Pump iron with a tight clutch
Battin’ average 316
Breakin records in
Less than twenty seconds

[Thirstin Howl III]
Witch doctor
You can lose or you can lose
Those are your options
Aim accurate
Catcher’s mitt
Uniform as shrine
Late bell
Athlete of the year
World supremacy pedigree
Quit this round
Spittin’ from the pitcher’s mound

“You could lose or you could lose
Those are your options” skratched

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