Love And Loyalty Lyrics by Thirstin Howl III

  • Album Release Date: 2000
  • Features : {“Big Boo”}

Sometimes it take, 50 takes, fuck that
(Uhh, throw them hands up, throw them hands up)
Niggas ain’t bring no drinks?

[Thirtstin Howl III]
Always been Vick-Lo, always been Vick-Lo, always been Vick-Lo
We ruled the deuce, it’s the truth
Niggas went boostin to pay Mark-Lo funeral
Rest in peace – Pumpkin, for Marcus Garvey
Scarred from your parting, handle Bristol Park beef
Fats Capone, died early
17 goin on 30 fast life’s, dirty derby
Forget not, LoLife Prophets
Haz painted your memorials in our projects
Shared handcuffs co-defendants
On the million man rush, with jail manners
You’re my fam, I always set it
Callin me out the window with a 40 for breakfast
Fakes told, Face-Lo, your fatal
A con who could pawn, fake gold
Been through trades, with Little Dave
Go back test the same store within two days
Fashion statements, stay dipped
Sacred, like the Star of David
Dangerous on some “Dana Dane With Fame” shit
Durin the diggin pocket phases
[Hook 2X: Big Boo]
This everyday lifestyle you live or die
Some make it through the fog, some don’t make it by
Some niggas gonna stand firm, some gonna cry
Some give love and loyalty, some gonna lie

[Thirstin Howl III]
What up Big Boo? Ralph-Lo, Fatine
G-George the boostin legend, strong arm shopping
Eddie Lee, forever, in our memories
Rest in peace, corner of Livonia and Chester Street
Steve Black, Monton
Armed guards, shit’s changed now that my mom’s gone
Fox Freedman, Attica riots relived
Resist, everybody got they reasons
Crime virtue, store curfew
Pursue, bank trust Lizzie bags and girdles
Just got home, Beck you doin graffiti
Where’s Bakim? I rarely ever see Steve
C-God, from Van Dyke got killed
Times in my life I wish some things were not real
Painted portraits
Mark-Lo wore a big ski in his coffin
I’ll go the same when it’s my callin

[Thirstin Howl III]
Mr. Raisin, killed in Crown Heights
Four finger hoochie links, now it’s all ice
Brick Face, we used to call him Squash
Shillz The Realz, runnin out of Jordan Marsh
Watch the warrant squad, violate parole
Gang initiation, by a way of oath
Red and blue flags, tied in a knot
Brooklyn Cadillacs, ghetto yachts
My pocket is where, you left yo’ watch
The pace of my heartbeat, sets your clock
Dolla Bill Dave’s, not his real name
Never walked through a prison, where I didn’t feel safe

[Hook] – repeat 2X to fade

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