Keep On Cluckin Lyrics by Thirstin Howl III

  • Album Release Date: 1999
  • Features : {“Master Fuol”}

[Master Fuol]
This is the mode here
See, see this is what I’m sayin’ though
I mean, listen: to all my women, you know to all the women out there, you know
Who, yeah, real women right, right, right, right…
Independent women, but to all my chickens out there…
You know, who’s out they cluckin’ mind (cluckin mind)…
The bird brains… you know, you know you got to get your…
Get it, get it together…
You know, you got to fly straight baby!

[Thirstin Howl]
I know a girl named Cindy, who thinks she’s pretty
Nice big ass but, no kinda titties
Looks Puerto Rican but her family’s from the Indies
Acting high-class working part-time at Wendy’s

[Master Fuol]
I can’t forget Rita, queen chicken fajita
Love the way I greet her swallow gargle milk by the liter
Sister named A’Quita, ate these balls like Jered’d eat her
Take it in her butt cuz it’s ten centimeters
[Thirstin Howl]
And God made Sophie, who sucks dick slowly
Did me so well, I bought the bitch a trophy
She told me to take back the trophy, and buy some Oakleys
For her man who’s up north so when he comes home he won’t smoke me

[Master Fuol]
And there was Ruthy, a groupie who take it in the bookie
While working on that ass, I was cruel, G
If I beat it up, brutally the things she would do to me
Even her baby daddy said the pussy ain’t what it used to be

Chorus: Thirstin Howl and Master Fuol (repeat 2X)

And all…. these…. nuts….
Was swallowed by you
My chicken…. keep cluckin’

[Thirstin Howl]
Pickle head, Paula, who I met, on a corner
Soon to be convinced I had a new place much warmer
Shit was so firm I couldn’t tell she had a bra on
Everything was right, except for the weave she had in dark blonde

[Master Fuol]
Ten kisses to Wanda who sold booty to white dudes
Poked holes in the condoms with needles, cuz she was spiteful
Never told me cuz she was scared what I might do
Til this day she call me big porno flick dick Shawn Michaels
[Thirstin Howl]
Can’t forget Sheila, who thinks I need her
Wears the same outfit, everyday since Easter
It’s no secret she blows up my beeper
Told her friends I took her out when I only bought her a pizza

[Master Fuol]
Musty Mary, pussy hairy like a Ewok supreme chicken head cuz all she knew
About, was the cock doodle doo, lady stay jocking, dick swinging in the nude
Bitch can take a hand in but she got screwed


[Thirstin Howl]
Janet from, Uptown
A skinny girl who got a butt now, unbuttoned blouse and a yuk-mouth
If the pussy was a car the meter would read more than a hundred miles
Hair so nappy I called her my sweet pea and brussel sprout

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