I Still Live With My Moms Street Lyrics by Thirstin Howl III & Master Fuol

  • Album Release Date: 2000
  • Features : {}

[Thirstin Howl]
Yo, I don’t come from the suburbs and a big house
With a backyard and a front lawn and all that
I never lived in a condo
Yo, I… I ain’t even out on my own yet!
I’ma keep it real on the strength..

Chorus: [Thistin Howl, (Master Fuol)]
I still live with my moms (livin’ with my moms)
This is for the heads that still live with they moms
I live with my moms
(live with my moms)
I can’t even front I still live with my moms
[still livin’ with my moms]
(livin’ with my moms)
A lot of Brooklyn heads still live with they moms
Live with my moms (livin’ with my moms)
[A grown ass man and] still live with my moms

[Master Fuol]
Yo… yo, yo, yo fuck that!
Yo as far as I know, straight up and down. Momma do the laundry
Momma pay the bill, momma cook the food
Yo stren’fth, I ain’t going no where!
[Thirstin Howl], {female}
{Nigga’s trying to fuck me while his mom’s home}
Free rent, light, gas and phone
A momma’s boy even though my ass is grown
Got the same bedroom, since third grade
Still be living here when I’m eight hundred and eighty eight

[Master Fuol]
The only woman a man can trust
Even my uncle still lives with my grand-ma
My baby mother, knows that I know
If I move in with her, {you’d be calling Tyrone}
I’m never moving out of my mother’s house
{Not even for these candy panties that dissolve in your mouth}
Not even if you gargled by the ounce
And could make bottles disappear to entertain crowds

{yo what’s all that for? you disrespecting me? you lucky your ass ain’t moved in with me! I would’ve ripped up all your shit!}
Stupid, tell me something I didn’t know

Chorus: [Thirstin Howl, {female}]
That’s why I still live with my moms {you live with your moms?}
I can’t even front I still live with my moms
I live with my moms {you livin’ with your moms?}
Another Brooklyn head who lives with his mom
I live with my moms {livin’ with your moms?}
{Sorry ass nigga still livin’ with yo moms}
Still livin’ with my moms, I live with my moms
{He livin’ with his mom} [a grown ass man] {still livin’ with his mom}
[Thirstin Howl]
I ain’t ashamed, I ain’t ashamed….
Shout out, to my niggas in Comp-ton
Who still live with they moms and fight they brothers for the top bunk
I always say I’m moving out this year
But it’ll be sooner if welfare finds out I live here
Yo it’s cheap by my place
I ain’t scared to open bills cuz none of them in my name
Got kicked out, my mom said I could move back
If I prove that I didn’t steal my sister’s food stamps
Every parent’s panic
Is to have they little boy with a prison mailing address
She said, my rep, is not in question
As long as she was one that gave me the boxing lessons
So I throw out the garbage and wash the dishes
And I can’t go outside without my mom’s permission
Even though my flow is uncomparable
I’m an unsigned hype with no where else to go

[Master Fuol]
Yo, yo hold on, hold on
What…why you tell ’em all your business for man?

[Thirstin Howl]
I ain’t ashamed
[Master Fuol]
What if your moms really kicked you out man, then what’chu goin’ do?

[Thirstin Howl]
I’ll go move in with my pops!

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