Yudontknow Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 1998
  • Features : {}

[The Grouch]
What can I say? Something that you’ve never heard before
What can I do? Something that you’ve probably never seen
Who can I be? Someone who you’ve not yet met
Got respect from a few but, what am I to you?
When you view this emcee, do you know what motivates him?
Why some people like him and, others spend time hatin?
Friends I’m waitin for the answers, I came with questions
Do you know the answers, fuck it, I got the lessons
Impressions they be gettin made before I even spit a phrase
Or get a day’s worth of tolerance
To prove I’m hollerin susbtance
Had lessons in production
So when you suction to my shit I wonder did you feel the same way?
Are we on the same plane, are you just a Plain Jane
Trying to be Sade, with a poem and some olge’?
That’s Japanese for weed, I’m rather cultured, well traveled
Get the gavel weigh the evidence, my intelligence is evident
Peep the sentence structure, I’m bit and frustrated
Thoughts I hate a buster lost in the front row at my show
What do I know? Something that you probably never learned
What do I like? Something that you’ve never even tried
How can you front, if only you could understand the artform
Apart from the norm, we swarm, it’s natural
Born with my body like my name, I’m
Naughty with my fame take advantage I’m a hustler
Tussle with the best of men, always get the best of their
Impression when you thought that I was restin tryin to master my
Profession and my pasttime, same thing, but my name rings bells
Deck the halls with double L’s, that spells trouble – times eight
Smells great to my nostrils
I’m a fossil up to date, being studied but they can’t recreate
This soul, shit slow, gettin hold to copy mo’
Than sloppy stereotypes, into what’s right
Puttin you up like this, you might hear the song
But the point’s missed if the joint hits
And you don’t heed the words
“Bitch don’t you hear the music?”
{*scratching of sample for seven or eight bars*}

[The Grouch]
How will it change, only if I take it on myself
How can you help, only if you learn and spread the wealth
How will it be, we’re gonna have to wait in time will see
Free thought I use a lot, I encourage y’all to join me
Destroyin fun is not my mission, I got ambition
Wishin crowds would listen got me fishin through the clouds
Tryin to be proud of who I am, it’s true I stand alone
Yet known to like attention just – want it for the right reasons
Mention me when you think: strong, silent, consistant
Persistant with my song spreadin knowledge, so distant
For common methods used yet effective as fuck
If you can’t see it comin duck we runnin mugs in ninety-eight
Lucky streaks up in my face struck like gold
Holdin your attention upon the music from here
It only gets more bold
Highlight it when I right it cause it’s tight
Not cause we’re alike or I’m white but I’m right
So who’s in the..

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