Til the Endathis Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 1998
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“.. shall be great tribulation..
And a time of trouble will hit the world
Such as was not since the beginning of the world known
Nor shall ever be again..”

[The Grouch]
I ATAK like P-Minus on the finest tracks I make
Activate my talents show the world how I escape
No wait for class to break I’m livin life around the clock
I might regret it in the end but you might end up gettin shot
On a walk to see your grandma in the park on quiet Sunday
And, one way or another, umm, life is unpredictable
My little brother’s rich and Wolfhawk Tommy he’s a father
Aesop’s got a car and they say, armageddeon isn’t far
But who are they? I don’t sweat ’em, even though, umm
Deep in my heart I know that, TV’s got some hella good shows
And oh the internet? That shit’s off the hook
I drop a book, in a second, being stuck with, techno-
-logical advancement, the shit we’re all entranced with
That show little value for another human’s life
Zoomin right past the point for a joint or some alcohol
And beatin on a loved one? C’mon, what’s wrong with y’all
Chorus: The Grouch (repeat 2X)

The world is a crazy place
A smiling face may, or may not be friendly
Good things have side effects, bad things benefits
I wanna live until the endathis, universe

[The Grouch]
Universe {*echoes and fades*} ..
Fucked up tunes and verses, curses and drivebys
Unheard opinions, bad beef and greasy fries
Teachers who are unwise, preachers between young thighs
Guns knives and power in the wrong hands, landlords
Crooked cops and those damn whores
Look at the shit we stand for
Plan for a perfect life, ended up gettin jerked and strife
Lives in the family and, nobody understands me
When I speak about it (you too?) I doubt it, doubt it
Nevertheless I struggle on, try and get my bubble on
Stumble ‘pon a little light I’m tryin to magnify
I’ll be damned if I don’t fit into the plan up in this lost land
I paid my cost and a, little bit of extra
Only fresh effects I saw came from ?? and Corey Shaw
Life has me in awe, a little wild and too raw
It’s true y’all.. I’m scared, and unprepared
But know in life you motherfuckers, just don’t care

[The Grouch adlibs til the end based on the Hook]

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