Struggle Baby Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 1999
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[The Grouch]
Wha-what? Wha-what?
It’s a struggle, in life {“in my life”}
My life, and yours too {“in my life}

It’s just a struggle baby, things will all work out
Words my mother told me and they were true, no doubt
I’ve had a lot of pain, but I can withstand more
I’ve got too much to gain, I’ve got to live and explore
I’ve got to give and endure, not getting when I’m not hitting
It was written that I would always would though, know I should so
I’m by myself, I try my best, how’s that look?
Me deny myself, opportunity? Oh no
I’m gonna see them chips, be on them trips
Make my dearest wish come true, be unto bigger things
I’m getting sick of things falling, so I’m all in
To my business, my music, what is this? I use it
To propel, and oh well, you don’t like my tempo?
You don’t like my simple styles nor my instrumentals?
I’ll have you know I’m the pro here, you can go near
The record store and check for more, I don’t give a fuck
Fat beats ain’t living what I know to be correct
What I show to be respect for this art form
Bar swarming bundles, it stumble in and out the game
Shout the name then disappear like no-ones, but I’ll remain and I’ll retain
Quality by giving all of me consistently
Listen we bring the noise, we sting with boys
My boys, we done some shit y’all, stuff I know that if all
The world could see, they wouldn’t believe it, couldn’t conceive it
Leave it to a label to fuck it up
But if I do it all myself, it’s just not enough
I got a tough situation at hand, debating like “Man
What’s the next move?” That’s the test
It’s just a struggle baby {“in my life”}
It’s just a struggle mistress {“in my life”}
It’s just a struggle homie {“in my life”}
It’s just a struggle sister {“in my life”}

[The Grouch]
Today was just another day, it didn’t go all wrong
I got to stressing out and couldn’t make my song
They wouldn’t write my check, I had to check them fools
Use my tools up stairs, not disrespecting fools
And fuck the rules of the game, I’m tryna get my name out
{?} can’t take when it came out, she tried to diss
But she can’t diss my shit, fools ain’t fucking with this
I think my underground scene is on New York’s dick
And that’s from here to there, West, North to South
I watch that shit for years and don’t know what it’s about
I persevere through the punishment thinking about how we done this shit
Landed up in Europe with twenty and seen plenty
And if any tried to clown, they did so when we wasn’t around
Town, inspiration through the nation grew the hating
And who’s relating? Fools ain’t facing what I hasten
Adjacent to a vacant space and time, and so I climb
And it’s not sublime, I drop the dime and it serves as a reminder
I’ve see them coming often, and some may have one-liners who’s finer
I treat my love like a designer, thorough as hell to make it swell
Swole’, we roll dice daily never knowing
End of life maybe the outcome, I’m showing
How I deal with my struggle, turn to bubble
Even if my hustle isn’t paying like your hustle
It’s just a struggle baby {“in my life”}
It’s just a struggle brother {“in my life”}
It’s just a struggle lady {“in my life”}
It’s just a struggle mother {“in my life”}

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