Some People Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 2003
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I used to have love and now I can’t stand this fool
This couldn’t have happened even if I planned it to
Friends for life on a spectrum so wide
Nobody works perfect believe me, I tried
But when two worlds collide you gotta give somethin’
Take a step back and learn to live humble
You know pride, it’ll eat you up inside
And all that self-pity will turn your whole world shitty
I’m on old girl’s titty tryin’ to hang on, dearly
Live days sincerely and see both sides clearly
There’s no room to build enemy ships
Especially out of old friends, when’ll we quit?
Went from penalty kicks to it don’t mean shit
Ridiculousness actin’ like bitches at this age
______ turn the page pout quit actin’ like a child
Are are you wild up and ready to be petty? that’s a heart breaker
Well i’ll be the charge taker and make sure it don’t happen in the future
Extend my hand while you cryin’ like a rooster
Damn, dig up the root and be a man

With every stroke of the clock it’s more precious
Who could fully understand the growth of a child
More or less this innocence exposed free form
No to experience livin’ in possibilities
I hold, visions in my head I wanna spread to these children
Before they get sidetracked, what sport are you wieldin’?
And im not talkin’ about shieldin’
What’s in the glass? or comin’ half ass?
Me I don’t really want the last laugh
Just to be lapped and on my last leg
Because somebody else is passin’ up the mark that I made
Turnin’ dark to light or bark to bite
Blindfolded client and all without a fight
Im all about in the night tryin to kick down the demons
With my big sound screamin like he-man
Fuck the power of grace go to my skull is great
Everyday all day I’m a never fall prey

Some people get better with time
And some people have a hard time (yeah)
Some people, they age like wine
And other people, they can’t find themselves, man
Some people get better with time
And some people have a hard time (y’know?)
Some people, they age like wine
And other people, they can’t find themselves
You gotta move on, move on, move on, move on
Move on, move on, move on, move on
Man move on, move on, move on, move on
Woman move on, move on, move on
Your body is a tool, mind is too
Shape them well, feed them the finest food
If knowledge is power then most of us are bustlers
It’s easy to be that you’ve got to tussle with the fact
Bring yourself back to the essence
Make your presence felt when you’re there and you’re stressin’ your points
Put oil on your joints kill the t.v
Deal with people face to face
If you don’t believe me join the race
Flow some oxygen through the brain
Remember that you learned and apply it so you gain
Drop dame on a lame and later he’ll be walkin
Chalk it up is just choppin on frozen options
Never frozen cause we are the chosen
Bout to set it in motion and keep coastin
Keep coastin, keep coastin, keep coastin


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