Rap is Senseless Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 1996
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[Intro: Murs, Samples]
Grouch, whoa, we’ve got The Grouch
My man Grouch is in the house
Another member of the Living Legends crew
(I never saw your 4-track demo circulating in my town)
I mean, you know, fools just come out and start rapping and shit
You know what I’m saying, never putting any work in
Prior to, you know what I’m saying, going into a 24 track studio
All a waste of money and shit
Never really rocked a show, you know what I’m saying?
Never had to perform in front of people

[Verse 1: The Grouch]
I cannot lie and say I’ve rapped since ‘85
I didn’t battle in the parks when the art of b-boying was alive
But if I did I’d be the baddest emcee out
Like many claim they are beyond the shadow of a doubt
I’m on the path, but then my clout is very small right now
But as the days go by it grows tall, and I’ll try
My best to be the fresh-est that I can be
And let you see me, not the creation of a company
Not crumpling G’s, though I’m traveling overseas
Scribbling flows with ease as my siblings joke and tease
I’m soaking these days up, cause it doesn’t get no better
And I know better, I flow whether or not you try to stop me
Cause I’m the master, so who’s the copy?
Not me
[Chorus 2x]
Someone take a census, rap is senseless now
Fools create the fake and pretend it’s style
I try to mend the break but the fracture is deep
Most rapture is weak

[Verse 2: The Grouch]
And then they came by the dozens
Sisters, uncles, nephews, brothers, nieces, cousins
Whoever you was in this world you were eligible
You’ll be tellin the whole planet you were a victim
As long as you rhymed that with “trigger finger” and the “N” word
Men heard this and were interested
Centers tested these men on speed and the ability to make bass
Then they take teams and the battle begins to take place
At a great rate currency was made
So few emcees were paid, most faked it and played rich in videos
Collecting scratch from doing shitty shows
It’s pretty low how it functioned
Most had the assumption that rap was an easy way out
The easy route, that’s how I know what I’m talking about

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3: The Grouch]
So in ‘96 originality is really hard to find
Fools create one song and submit it just to get signed
They say forget finding out how shit works
Then they obtain a contract and complain about getting jerked
My written work stack grow larger everyday
As the reality of being true comes farther into play
It gets harder in a way, but in the end
I know that everything I do today’s going to pay off
So stay off the bandwagon when it does, in a minute cuz it’s near
I feel it in my bones that all foes shall run in fear
I come with shear musical elegance
And ladies who try to degrade me, they’re unintelligent
[Outro: Murs]
But it’s like, you know what I’m sayin’
Muthafuckas that never did a show
Holdin’ a mic all at the top
You can never hear what they sayin’
They wanna complain about the sounds and shit
Get on MTV Raps or Rap City
Can’t even pronounceate and pronounce their words
Can’t even speak English, trying to rap and shit
C’mon, master your shit before you get out in the public with that bullshit
For real, shit is senseless

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