Paint the Perfect Picture Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 2003
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No one can see me, or really feel me
Yall can just hear me and try and be like me
But what you think is way off my center
Life makes me mad and I feel like a splinter I bounce
Try and find an ounce of the answers
Never get that though I just want my chance to be satisfied
What’s it gonna take?
Fools think I’m ungrateful cause everything looks great
Perfection, that’s what I strive for I won’t settle for less
I jump then I dive for the next best thing
I think its the conquest
Usually conquer that feeling unimpressed I never rest
I’m zoned in on my own flaws known as raw
But I hate most all I’ve ever done
Still I’m feelin like I’m the one
I get the underground thing and people are having fun
I’m part of that, that’s where my heart is at beating
Reaching you when I’m constantly seeking new angles
Man I take out the tangles and redirect just where the pain goes

I wanna paint the perfect picture
I wanna paint the perfect picture
I wanna paint the perfect picture
Paint the perfect picture
You take the high road, I’ll blaze the trail
Paint with my fingers and hammer with no nails
I want symmetry, and logical equations
Many precious memories from flawless days in time
I’m nearly 27 in my prime
Making good decisions and giving what’s mine
To be living today
That’s some freaky ass shit
I wouldn’t trade it for nothin though
Truly its a gift as I sift through my worries
I find that I’m lucky
Grateful God stuck me with some talent
I balance that together with what I’ve learned my way
Hoping it will take me where I need to go


Let me know the combo
Hit me with the convo
It takes to please all and still feel tall
Everybody’s talking bout everybody’s rappin
And everybody’s actin like they’re so fresh
I wanna be that man
You can’t say shit too except damn
You’re where I wanna get to and
If you can, help me out a little
Id love to man
Get his hand up out the middle of these thoughts of pure poetry
Simple abstractions, make what’s hard easy
Infractions, reactions to this
They are positive and so I move on
Cause I’m knowin I got a lot to live for
And that I can’t stand for nothing
Forever speakin truth over somethin that’s bumpin
I said I can’t stand for nothin
I bring the underdog into the function

I have dreams of painting pictures so vivid
They make haters go livid
So major these pictures they reach
Under the dirt to the roof they speak
Hope, to abide but died
True colors never lied they cried
Real stories have now turned legend
For every person I painted to the heavens
Reach down and recognize this freak sound
I got the power to make life grow
The natural formula of letters show my bright soul
I’m innocent, artistic and rightfully here

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