Nothings Changing Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 1998
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[The Grouch]
Yes, YES! Alright, keep it going now, keep it moving
You got a nice pace (that’s right)

Chorus: The Grouch (repeat 2X)

Some things never, change, rear-range
Me a, strange on another plane
Constant, motion coastin no gears
Show no fear float

[The Grouch]
My power never came in surges (nope)
I deal with my urges daily
You say he’s different, I’m gifted in my own right
Shone bright since a baby
My ability to seperate the yes and no’s from the maybe-so’s
Therefore I see reality
One way or another I’mma shape that, give or take a calorie
Until my salary is truly touched
Fiends for my cuts like I fiend for the guts
When I’m up never limp
Forever pimp my lyrics that’s “en truta”
Set that line in stone cause I got it from Medusa
It hit home, cause that’s all I do (crack)
Man that’s all I have, and that’s all I knew
Since ninety-five I used to stand up on the Ave
Building, an underground shielding
Yielding to no-one
Wielding my mind skills like a shogun sword it was so fun
More was needed, I was heated off the speed of movement
Improvements were made
I grew with the days time stayed prime
And kept my raised mind rising
Kept my raised mind rising

[The Grouch]
It’s kinda like rolling; it started gradual
I pick that pace up – move so casual
There’s a formula – I don’t know it though
Karma’s in there somewhere – I let it happen
Rapping sometimes forced, too off course choppy
Sloppier than Joe, I’m a Legend you jalopy
Side-busting copies wanna dirty up my name
But you couldn’t hurt me only building up my fame
And though that’s not my aim I take it all for what it’s worth
Doin what I know why I was put upon this Earth
Continous strenous macking, architectural stacking
Backing my folks til the end there’s growth
Like the fungus, making my thoughts humungous
Wisdom be among us unavoidable, undestroyable (can’t break it)
As employable skills multiply
I try, I try.. and


Chorus 1/2 (spoken softly, almost whispered)

[The Grouch]
Float.. float.. float..
Listen to my raps..
My raps..
Right here..

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