Frustrated Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 1998
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Now I really know why they call this fool The Grouch
The nerve of this fool just coming..
Out of nowhere, into my room..

[The Grouch]
There is nothing.. more upsetting..
Than expecting something that never comes..
Trying to use something that doesn’t work..
Or finding something that isn’t what you thought it was..
It frustrates the fuck out of me

I try to be optimistic, but I get pissed it
Never really works out the way that I had wanted
And I’m talking about life on the whole
It doesn’t feel too right when you do not meet your goals
Hold, up wait a minute fuck this state I’m in it too deep
But weepin over spilled milk, that’s a lost cause
Though my skills outshine my flaws so any pause..
.. is always too long
I, gotta get a move on
Those who do the do-wrong when it comes to me
They never shoulda been the ones to be doin it
In the first place secondrate work is not acceptable
I make my shit to be respectable and when it’s not
That’s really fuckin off my plot and my mindframe
I find pain and dissapointment, it hurts more than
A scrape without ointment, even when infected
Can’t expect to wreck the mountain when you doubtin your material
It’s your ability overshadow circumstances
And glances from the crowd turn to puzzled looks
Readin books don’t really help, wealth it isn’t dealt right
Messages aren’t felt like intended
And the wrong man’s commended for the right jobs
Despite the work I’m puttin it, just to get my foot up in the door
{*Goodie Mob sample*
“So how you feel? Frustrated, irritated..”} (4X)

[The Grouch]
I move quietly, misunderstood often
All I want’s a good toss and, she wants to tease
I need to sell in quantities, they wanna pay later
I gotta, get ahead but you try to play hater
I stay major in a minor league, find fatigue easy
Whenever I look for help, somebody else misleads me
Feeds me false information, haltin my pacin
Slowin my progression, I’m showin my aggression
Tore up my obsession like a lemon
Sour attitude and you wonder where it’s stemmin from
Dude, I live a Family Feud
Glued to the dream my worth’ll be seen
Before a pre-teen’s manly, understand me how
I don’t even feel myself, unless I jerk fast
Work ass off no cash stash goes so fast
Assholes talk shit daily

{*Goodie Mob sample*
“So how you feel? Frustrated, irritated..”} (4X)

{*Goodie Mob sample*
“So how you feel?
.. “Frustrated, irritated”}
{*Goodie Mob sample*
“So how you feel? Frustrated, irritated..”}

{*Goodie Mob sample*
“So how you feel? .. .. So how you feel?”}

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