Drunk Taste Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 2000
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How, How can I fiend for the rush that I get
When I sip off the cup of the shit that I knew
Wasn’t cool from the get, I’mma quit, real power
But the hour draws near, show night, no might
I’m a low life with a bottle, feel the sorrow
See your ass tomorrow
De nada can I feel ya, so I’m drinking in the first place
Swallow that worst taste
To face the evening, and really just deceiving myself cause I’m fresh still
But will not rest til my memory is broke
It be soaking up my liver till I shiver in a notion of earl
Get to twirling like my world and every girl is the same
And you dudes, man I’ve gotta get the fuck away from you

I can speak my mind but sometimes that rhymes comes slurred
And the truth gets differed, proof gets blurred
And that’s my fucking word, in the present less hesitant and humble
Ain’t tripping off the stumble, I’m rip till I mumble and fumble off the stage
For knowing when to stop me
I have no gauge no rage
In my mood, im just boozed the fuck out
And bloody till I black out, I’m act out
That’s hop out but doubt in my heart
To the part with routine stress relief
But when it comes to the morning I’m sworning
“Who me? I’m more than grouch
He better shape it up
He better take the cup and quit it”
I did it more than shows, had more drinks than hoes
And I suppose
That it grows and gets worse if you let it
I dreaded being a drunkard, I’d rather be a punk or genius
And that is in my genes it’s a trap nope, a copout fuck that snuck
Back into life for a minute to finish my thoughts
Don’t wanna get caught of doing what I don’t wanna do but if I do
It ain’t cool but don’t clown me
That shits always around me, found me when I was down to ride in on the town
Hiding from the sound that reality made
I was little disappointed and a little afraid
I got it laid out
Straight when I played out the game came and heard that I couldn’t resent wit
I balled my fist and took a sip of this
Another angle and now dangled on the floor feeling
Mangled, votiming, and strangled
Couldn’t recognize my own sister
Barely speaking english and talking shit to
Mr. Ace of the treys
Who forgave the next day
I wanna have fun but never go out that way, I was a spectacle
Very blessed to have my bed, and not care from a sloppy ass
Stare at a cocky ass incompetent man, rid the land I been there
Point of last return, time for concern I’m trying to end there

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