Dont You See Lyrics by The Grouch

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Don’t you see- it’s all how you look at me
Don’t you know-that thats how it goes

[The Grouch]
Everything he did was for a reason
They used to wonder why he stayed quiet-he was planning
Expectations came like seaons
But build because the way he builds is thorough
I’m sure he would hide
Have noone by his side, when he was thinking
Present it when he meant it
But most of it it went without sinking in
He’d been to the other side, came back
Took another ride went to learn more
Concerned for his future
Fellow peers are true to, emenate from him be among him
He used he resources available to set sail
Leave a trail like a snail, so the rest couldn’t fail
He wasn’t the best-he gave his all though
He had this huge elaborate dream
That one day they would all know
And understand his motives that’s why he wrote it hoped they quote it
Plus analyze the way he thought is interesting
Mentioning his name in the same breath
He saves those who need respect
He’d lay low and redefect from his mindpower
And now his friends can conjure the wind
Forever strong to the end – he traveled with these men
Making an impact not everything was intact
But his blueprints were genuine
A work of art a perfect mark, he planned to leave-peace
He worked with his hands conceived with his brain
Believed that his pain was teaching him gain
To each just a name was how they saw him
Awe Him!
He’s just a bumper head someone said he’s mean
His friend’s mother called him a loser
To others he was a bidi fiend–a weirdo–
Someones hero
Don’t get near though-he’s an asshole
He said she said he’s bigheaded
Some kid sweated him for having all
Always felt he had nothing
He was small on large scale, large on a small
But when it’s all done
It’s only HE, who knows who I am
Who knows who I am? Who knows?

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