“Lines: To a Friend in Answer to a Melancholy Letter” Lyrics by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Away, those cloudy looks, that labouring sigh,
The peevish offspring of a sickly hour!
Nor meanly thus complain of Fortune’s power,
When the blind Gamester throws a luckless die.

Yon setting Sun flashes a mournful gleam
Behind those broken clouds, his stormy train:
To-morrow shall the many-colour’d main
In brightness roll beneath his orient beam!

Wild, as the autumnal gust, the hand of Time
Flies o’er his mystic lyre: in shadowy dance
The alternate groups of Joy and Grief advance
Responsive to his varying strains sublime!

Bears on its wing each hour a load of Fate;
The swain, who, lull’d by Seine’s mild murmurs, led
His weary oxen to their nightly shed,
To-day may rule a tempest-troubled State.

Nor shall not Fortune with a vengeful smile
Survey the sanguinary Despot’s might,
And haply hurl the Pageant from his height
Unwept to wander in some savage isle.
There shiv’ring sad beneath the tempest’s frown
Round his tir’d limbs to wrap the purple vest;
And mix’d with nails and beads, an equal jest!
Barter for food, the jewels of his crown.

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