Back 2 Crack Lyrics by Psychopathic Rydas

  • Album Release Date: 1999
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I, I tried momma
I tried

[Full Clip]
You lookin at me check yourself lil’ bitch
Mad at the Rydas cause we all rich and shit
Think about what you used to have
And what you don’t have now
Trying to hate on me with a glass dick in your mouth
Used to represent in Cleveland black trucks with the bumps
Drive through the car wash now see you work and wash my shit punk
You had all the bitches, paper, no trouble
Now your ass is up in the air gettin banged out for pebbles
I don’t give a fuck it’s like a horse with a broken leg
An old crusty ass broken down piece of shit
What’s next?
Next time I see ya
I pull out my heater
And meltin your brain with hot lead you muthafucka
[Foe Foe]
I can’t take it no more
I gave it everything I had
Back on the bottom and everything is lookin bad
Face mad cause I’m hungry and I’m broke as fuck
I see your man on the corner and you know he’s stuck
He out of luck in the wrong place at the wrong time
I give a fuck if he blind
All his money mine
On the dime I whip the gat out
Handles slippery cause I’m sweaty
He tried to move so I’ma pull this lead out
Check his pockets loose change and a note
Sayin I used to be a rapper I’ma joke
Hooked on dope and I don’t wanna live (damn)
Please somebody kill me and end this life bid

[Hook] (x2)
Back 2 crack I mu’afuckin tried
Slangin’ them dub tapes out the hoot ride
I tried, I tried to be a hip-hop star
But this rap shit didn’t go far, go far

Hand me that muthafuckin crack pipe
I wanna smoke me a pebble
I’m through tryin to be a rebel
I used to follow them hip-hop tours
Handin my demos out at backstage doors
I’m through trying to be the next Dr. Dre
I’d rather just smoke this rock away
Phoney deals, contracts, labels snakes everywhere
[Lil’ Shank]
I heard that niggas from the hood was goin way out
Returning back to the hood servin booze like a paper route
Scrounging up whatever loot they got to buy a key
But if ranchers grew weed like record sales and popularity
Back to the corner slangin loose and clumps
Gotta live ghetto fabulous with rims and bumps
Gotta have the fuckin heater cause my hands are stingin
Coming back in 2’s and 3’s tryin to peel your cap
Cause occasionally you serve a lemon head delight
But you think them heads are stupid
Cause it’s dark at night
Plus you gotta get yours
By any means it’s on again
But you back to slangin yay
How the fuck can you win


[Foe Foe talking]
Momma, momma I tried
I just, I just couldn’t do it
I mean, I mean damn you never helped a mufucka
I mean, I’m sorry momma
That’s just drugs talkin momma
Momma I’m sorry
[Hook] (x2)

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