Finger on the Trigger Lyrics by Mr. Lil One

  • Album Release Date: 2000
  • Features : {Knightowl}

Got my finger on the trigger I’ma pull it

Out of my way I’m back a pack a mothafuckas
That is down to cap when I got a cuete
Make a mothafucka run over off the map
Let out the chrome give em all a new home
Make a mothafucka panic
When you die your spirt doesn’t wanna roam
Knightowl be lokin vatos I’m smokin
Say you wanna battle me
Become another victim I’m chokin
Better quit fool or become another mothafuckin hit
I know that I bring alot of pain
I’m so god damn insane
Raps I’ma swing just like a fist
Put em all up in the list, mothafuckas
I’ma drop to the ground not a dome that I’ll miss
Cranuims I bust actin crazy I must
When I’m on the mic vatos die
Never try and fuck with us
I’m a loco chingon, miatone
Un cyclone on the microphone
Everybody knows que es todos cavrone
Levas I break em your bitches I take
Their babies I make em
All putos I shank em

[Mr. Lil One]
Fuck em all around buck em all
Here I come again fuck what you wanna get
Bucked wanna get fuck in let me see you try to run em
I comin in a way that’ll make you back away
So you better lay down on the ground
When I bust around you don’t wanna fuck around
All the busters getting rid of em the levas I’m killin em
That’s what I gotta do gotta stay true
To the hood I’m livin in
Insanity mentanity now how the hell you wanna battle me
I’m fucked in the hell to spread my evil gravity
I choke like a sick dog lookin for another victim
Fieldo in hell mothafuckas that I’ma keep stickin
And thuggin and muggin feels so good I’m cummin
Punks try and raise up but I always end up above em
Not another vato like me now trucha cause I might be
The one that’ll slash you rob you and blast you


Slugin em all in the face put em in place
Now I gotta waste all you putos
Be trucha on walls brains I paste
Enemies will mess around
Gotta get down with another fool
All their varrios I strike
So I don’t know where I wanna roam
Take another bitch down
Another fool when I’m on the mic
Flow all my lyrics I’m bumpin simon I control
Rolas I’m brinin I’m swingin primero
MC better know this or get smoke my feildos
Always in my hand stick up any man
That’ll try and battle me
You won’t fuck with the man
I got the plan I’m the OG
Vato that is on the way
Scopin out prey when I wanna land
Viscious vailasos to the dome of another man
Cattas I bust when I must
Slug a mothafucka down I don’t play around
I’m the mothafuckin loco
That’s puttin them all in the ground
Clips I’m unloadin my bullets be floatin
All heads I be exploding when cuetes I’m holding

[Mr. Lil One]
Fuckin it up again come and get some
Lil One breakin em all off some
Mothafuckas better stay away and run
Some where I go when I wanna roam
Lookin for a home I could just blow
When I’m stalkin when Im walkin
All shit that I’m talkin
You don’t wanna fuck around homes
This slug’s gonna start barkin
You can never outlast me
Never ever gon blast me
Win when I wanna sin mothafuckas
Could never get past me
Flip when I wanna trip
Get a taste of these hollow tips
Be another mothafucka on the list
That I just hit I’m approachin
No remorsin I’m loadin my emotions
The boss when I wanna boss
And cause a comotion
Mobbin when I’m robbin
I’m snatchin your belongins
Run like a little bitch
From the noise that I’m causin
Mothafuckin lok Lil One
The one that be bossin

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