God Bless Your Life Lyrics by Ill Biskits

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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Mmm, word
Yo life is definitely real
You gotta take it to heart, know what I’m sayin?
There’s so much confusion, confusion
Today on the streets
So for us to live forever, God blesses our lives
God blesses our lives
Check it

When I was young I never had to dodge bullets
My peoples always taught me live life to the fullest
But draggin me to church, seven days a week
Couldn’t keep me off the streets, with the evil that I wreak ya see
My tongue was ill I spilled language with profanity
Workin odd jobs couldn’t buy me my vanity (say what)
Insanity was the edge of reality
And when I tried to slide right, wrong was always callin me
The devil takes many colors and shapes
My mind was raped as an embryo, walkin through hell
But now I feel twice as stable bout my livin
The crew’s multiplyin so to rest with division
And yo my vision’s, clearer, I hear sounds of the unheard
Word, I seen sights that bring scars to your life
Livin days to the curb, readin scriptures never saved me
From day to day drama, where’s the path that you paved for me?
(I’m still sturgglin) scratchin rhymes on the papers
Squeeze the scripto, and lookin for the holy savior
Cause my behavior, is that of one, who wants to live trife
So God bless your life
So God bless our lives (4X)

It’s hard to comprehend the days back when
We was boys with big wills, maturing from mice to men
Runnin wild nappy heads with the Pro Keds
Playin “Simon says!” and tag, but now that’s dead
I grew to be rough, you couldn’t tell me nothin
About the world, cause I was always into somethin
I think I was the lightest kid out the click
Always quick to heat up beef, because I knew my crew would spark it (true)
But out of dumb situations lies casualties (true)
(The skins got knocked) so here comes responsibility
Many of the heads planted seeds for the future to see
Let’s try to mold them into shapes that we couldn’t be
Friends came and friends went with the wind
Some either caught hot steel and others caught the state pen
Nothin but mayhem, I say to them
We shoulda tried to live right, so God bless our lives

So God bless our lives (4X)

I’m steady dwellin over spilled milk
I’m never on the straight and narrow cause the roads I walk they tilt
Many choices and voices posesses me
Listen see, evil got my mind locked in custody
Pressed by temptation, aiyyo I’m facin
Life as a loner in a world with different races
My case is you’re pure as a young’un
And nowadays they got me living life out a dungeon
I wonder, and contimplating mishaps daily
While keeping my bizz seperated from the shady
(There’s nothin but untruths) I prove this fact to be fiction
But still I’m fishin, for realism in the diction
While I’m rhymin, some of my peoples are out campin
Lampin on skid row, or South of the Hamptons
Doin bids, know that they Manson
I think I dance a jig when my nigs blow the gig
So God bless the dead and my peopls in the Ville
Yo word to my man, baby gotta keep it real
Aiyyo, word to God you gotta keep it real
Word to God baby gotta keep it real

So God bless our lives (4X)

Word up yeah, the Ill Biskits
We out, peace

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