Tell Me How You Like It Lyrics by Icewater

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {Raekwon,”Remy Ma”}

[Chorus: Raekwon (Remy Ma)]
Aiyo, tell me how you like it
Shorty, I can fill necklace with ice bricks
Big houses and jewelry and nice whips
And all you gotta do is tell me how you like, now how you like it?
(I tell you how I like it
And you ain’t gotta try and buy me with nice gifts
We can probably take a ride in your Lexus, slide on the nightshift
Real real it, that’s how I like it)

[Remy Ma]
See, I’m the type of chick that’ll call his phone
At two thirty in the morn’, like I’m home alone
I gots to smoke, come over, make him think we fucking
And when he get here, nothing, I only need a Dutch
If it’s mine, don’t touch it, give it time, don’t rush it
And I never do displays of affection in public
I’m Remy, and you can’t control your liquor
Give you negative, you still ain’t get the picture
I ain’t a gold digger, I’m a go getta
And I got money, I ain’t fucking with a broke nigga
Not even close, nigga, yeah I need that gwop
See I like convertibles, I don’t need that top

I’m P.C., respect the don
Trick, I can switch a till Coupe from a MetroCard
Drive cars, no rules, where the trees is palm
Nice weather, everyday and the weed’s the bomb
You don’t believe, that my cream is long?
I got money to burn, but never trick for these sleezy broads
All they getting is a dick in they back
If I ever did, trick, when they leave me, they giving it back
I like late night creeps, with a late night freak
Hot sex in the car, with the case, might be
Long strokes when I pipe it, I can give you nice dick
And all you gotta do is tell me how you like it


Yo, I like ’em sassy, with a little touch of class
Take a redbone, sprinkle low a Stacey Dash
Body smooth, sorta like a baby’s ass
Head game crazy, shorty almost made me crash

I like ’em 5’9, and a chocolate diva
BK chick, bring a nigga chocolate reefer
Sticky black, no garbage either
Freak in the bed, and know how to palm the heater
I like a chick that knows to respect the don
When it come to strength, no doubt, respect is on
She gon’ ride, whenever the pressure’s on
And Transform on your ass like a Decepticon

Stick and move with the weapon drawn
Bonnie and Clyde, we ride with our vests on
She ain’t afraid to protect the God
She a snotty chick, that stay disrespecting y’all


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