Murda Lyrics by Icewater

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {Hands}

[Intro: P.C.]
Ah shit…
Yo these niggas done fucked up now, man
Icewater, Staten Island stand the fuck up!
Yo get on my back, I got y’all niggas
Yo it’s like… (let’s get these niggas, man)
Yo… I’ma explain one time for y’all niggas, man
Y’all betta listen up closely, man (I’m tellin’ y’all niggas)
I ain’t talkin’ no more after this
I’m hittin’ niggas, man
Yo, it’s like… it’s like…

Damn near everybody thuggin’ now
I don’t care who he is, I feel like he a threat then I’ma gun him down
Guns make a thunder sound
And when I’m spittin’ it off, homey it’s over it ain’t no time for duckin’ down
We could shoot a couple rounds, niggas is soft
All these faggot-ass rap niggas pissin’ me off
On the road tongue-kissin’ these whores
Probably one of the same groupies I had tongue-kissin’ my balls
And when shit start I’m usually the reason it started
Bring ya whole team, I give it to each of ya artists
Ask niggas, P.C. is the hardest
I ain’t livin’ off of rap, you can catch P.C. on the corner
Late night, like three in the mornin’
Tryin’ to get this cake right cuz I gotta feed me and my daughter
I couldn’t teach you about ballin’
But I could teach you how to chop it and bag it just put in ya order!
Yo, what’s beef? When real niggas comin’ for yo’ ass
But you hidin’ on the low, you owe them niggas cash
Quick-fast, click click bloaw with ya bitch-ass
Niggas start runnin’, do the hundred yard didash
Beef, when you niggas violate the code
And I must start to annhilate foes
Spic ass had fired then the wire may explode
You ain’t live, you a fuckin’ liar everybody knows
You ain’t nothin’ but a bird nigga flyin’ with some crows
Beef when them shots start flyin’ through ya clothes
Blood start leakin’ out ya nose
Caught yo’ ass sleepin’ I suppose, got beef? Shouldn’t dose
Listen, don’t bother kid
Flows is Henny, yours is like Arbor Mist
Nigga trust me, you don’t want spar with this
Ice dot H20, the hardest click

[Hook 2X: Polite (P.C.)]
I will murda (Don’t make me murder you niggas)
Any champion in here (I body any one of you niggas)
Icewater don’t come fi play (We ain’t playin’ with you)
Icewater gon’ kill them right away (We’ll kill you right away)

All Hands on deck, nigga…
Big Hands, nigga… I got the mic…
Yo, comin’ with that full court pressure on his crib
Fourty-five to his ribs
Hammers burst, straight feed him his jibs
Got machines disectin’ ya lids
Comin’ through with them rigs with big spinners on ’em spinnin’ ya wigs
Aiyo, it’s Hands, nigga, I am the truth
Designated batter, leave ya brain matter in the back of the Coupe
Brute force war, show ’em the loot
Blood saturated suit when them things splurge all in ya roof
Smash fixtures, cold-blooded killas paint them pictures
Inflicters, murder all them shooters off the rictors
Cast iron cannon shit is sickenin’
I even got them big Mausbergs cocked pointed at ya vixens
And once again, I am the truth
Y’all niggas wanna go to war? Then it’s murder when I step in the booth
Straight defecatin’ on ya recruits
Then I come at ya boss and have ya source tossed out of ya boots
Who want it with Stumik? I put one in ya nugget
Y’all done fucked up and gave the wrong niggas a budget
The Water rules, you stunt and get caught for ya jewels
I’m that thief in ya kitchen takin’ all of ya food
I’ve been nice with rhymes, got goons that’ll slice ya spine
And I leave niggas toothless for bitin’ mines
Yell out the stakes dog just for hidin’ the cake
For my dogs firin’ at jake on fire escapes
The best to spit, get vexed, hit ya chest with the fifth
You’ll get found dead on the news left in the whip
And I ain’t playin’ with dudes, filetin’ ya bitch
Cuz I was taught to squeeze ’til there’s nothin’ left in the clip

[Hook 2X]

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