Move Lyrics by Icewater

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {Hands}

[Chorus: Polite]
I love the way, the girl, her batti move
The way her wheels turn, and her batti move
She bend back weird, and her batti move
Then wanna then (MOVE) all the girls and

I said baby girl listen, I’mma twist ya body in some weird ass position
Like wrestling, submission
Yo what I gotta do, to get you back to the crib
Get you in the bedroom, and crack a few ribs
Love the way your body move, now you crushing this party
Now you sweating all over your body
Yo, and she a fly little misses
Fly, buy your ass and some fly some sixes, fly little sisters
Wanna take a ride, with some fly little killas?
Introduce your girls to my little killas
(MOVE), shorty’s on the floor looking so good
(MOVE), yo, I’ve been around the world but I’m still hood

I’m coming to get it and busting in a couple of minutes
When Stumik get in it, it’s nothing but reluctious feelings
Take your thongs hang ’em up on the ceiling
Climb the walls like King Kong, going up on the building
(MOVE), I’m screaming your name, it’s puppy love and we in the rain
For rough sex in the seat of the Range
I’m fiending to bang, baby girl, I’m peeping your frame
It’s Icewater, keep it dripping mami, we in the game

(MOVE), Left to right, nice shoes, cute face and her dress was tight
Ya’ll know P.C., I’m the wreckless type
When she move, make me wanna have sex tonight
Let me move in, shorty I’mma hoola hoop in it
I long dick ’em and ditch ’em, in about, two minutes
P.C.’s a freak, ask any chick I beat
I’m the man in between the sheets, it’s like


[? – unknown]
I’m the cat with the proper dame, bikini top, L’Acosta frames
Yelling my name from the top of her range
Little young thing, sweet and petite, look good enough to eat
Take her to dinner in the luxury suite
What you know about rocking lenin, perfect gentleman
Swimming in the most feminine women
Ralph Lauren lenin on, putting my women on
Body incredible, edible, cinnamon thong
Aiyo, I like the way she move, I’m a beast when she swing it, it reach
Across the street, got me ready to beat
Like ’em certified freaks, in the bed, when she giving me head
She got me feeling like I’m laying in bread
Mami shake it, you infactuate the spot, treat ’em like the grot
Have her tongue kiss the crotch, ma, you official
With your top, more less, make it pop
With your boy Handstand, with them drops


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