Mercy Me Lyrics by Icewater

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {“F.L.O (USA)”}

It’s like summer ’96, just came home
Got my weight up, analyzing life as a whole
While I was laid up, receiving the news, who got sprayed up
Small time hustlers blew, niggas is caked up
Some never made it to see, that’s who we ride for
Penetentiary poems, respect is what we die for
Lost souls travel the ave, while we discuss dreams
Teens become weed heads and ex-dust fiends
Praying and wishing, get up out this crooked position
Shorty selling the body to make an honest living
Pops broke out, moms is on a crack mission
Could it be an honest living how her moms is living
Who am I to say I’m better than you?
We both hustlers in the same boat, papi bought the same coat
Time to switch notes and turn pages
Time to get up out this cages, it’s time we erased this

Yo, I remember the times, selling nicks and dimes
Got free lunch, the first nigga on line
My best friend, had no bike, he used to get on mines
Moms at the jam, with Miss Ann, sipping on wine
And the blocks deserted, if there was shots, you heard it
It’s like the Hill ain’t been the same, since Poppy was murdered
The best of the ’80’s, mothers disrespected they babies
When Shateek shot that cop, the whole West went crazy
And lately, some day it’ll change, I’m sick of feeling pain
Innocent lives was in that World Trade
Got snipers running round, shooting shit like it’s a game
I get on my knees and begin to pray, for mercy
[Chorus 2X: Flo]
Oh, mercy, mercy me
Oh, streets ain’t what they used to be, no
I did my time, now, I gotta live my life
So I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine

Yo, instead of shedding tears, I look up high and I smile
Cuz you in a better place than all of us right now
But it’s a damn shame, you lost your life at such a young age
Rest in peace to all my niggas that’s in the grave
Seen the hardest die, but when you pass, it took me by suprise
Sometimes I look up at the sky and ask the lord why
He had to take you, why he couldn’t take one of these fake dudes
When he first told me you passed, I said it ain’t true
Not you, why lord, did my nigga have to die for
Still can’t believe that he’s gone
Cuz now all I have is memories and sympathies
Sometimes I miss him so much, I wish the lord get rid of me

Aiyo, it seems like the pain, it won’t stop no more
On the ballcourt, my pops school me how to play ball
I miss you, nigga, still in my heart
And I can’t figure out, why the beef, it had to tear us apart
Now that you gone, I can’t find the strength to move on
It’s like, when you left, everything went wrong
At your funeral, I tried to hide the tears inside
But they broke, first time my moms started to cry
This nigga Lex came through, gave me food for thought
I thank you nigga, felt like I was breaking apart
And I can’t forget Kay, he was there for me
Only nigga truly cared for me, for real
[Chorus 2X]

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