Gangsta Lyrics by Icewater

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {“F.L.O (USA)”}

I’m talking bout shorty, this nigga, shorty
Come out shorty, throw muthafuckin’ four-pound shorty
And spit rounds for me, that’s my little down homey
Cuz he be trippin’, my team be rippin’
It’s Icewater, muthafucka, we keep it drippin’
You niggas think you got alot of game, but in the hood, you ain’t got a name
Talking all that mobsta slang, you muthafuckas ain’t gon’ pop a thing
Who you hiding from? They gon’ find you son
You scared, god damn it, then go and buy a gun
Cuz you got beef with kids, and when you come home, they gon’ beem the crib
So make sure you get to a heat kid, cause lord knows you gon’ need the bitch
And that’s a deal real, don’t get ya head peeled
And be unable to tell doc how that lead feel

[Chorus 2X: Flo]
Walk with me, talk with me, move like a gangsta
Freshed up, all wrapped up, won’t prove that you gangsta
Rise with me, roll with me, come see my gangstas
Look at Icewater, them niggas, they gangstas
Yo, nigga, we thugs for real, little ass nigga with a thug appeal
Tell me how these slugs’ll feel, when I cock, and bust your grill
So ya’ll keep fucking around, we gon’ murda y’all, ya’ll niggas don’t oppose a threat
Muthafuckas won’t bust a sweat, who fuck is you? I never heard of ya
It’s Icewater, nigga, max up, and I dare ya’ll to act up
Get clapped up, and wrapped up, get tossed in the back of a mack truck
Yo it’s a dirty game, the game ain’t built for this, ya’ll niggas is lame
Yall niggas just talking out, yall scared, yall niggas don’t bang them things
My dogs ready to ride, yall wanna die, then fuck around
Bring your best with a vest to test my skills, I’mma gun ’em down
It’s Icewater, niggas, all my soldiers keep it gangsta
Icewater, nigga, what, we keep it gangsta

[Chorus 2X]

I’m from the home of the gangstas
Only roll with the gangstas, wanna get it on with me, gangsta?
I pop like four in a gangsta, test me, I put a hole in the gangsta
You know I roll up, fours talk, pull it out, you gon’ fold up
Wanna die, then nigga, go ahead, push your luck
I set it off, ready and willing to go to war
Which one of ya’ll niggas want it, I bring it to all of ya’ll, listen
You know the Water is running, can’t stop us, we coming
You got guns, but ain’t popping it nothing
[Chorus 2X]

Aiyo, it’s Icewater Inc., respect the name, I kill yo ass, I ain’t playing
Muthafuckas really wanna test the name, get shot in the head when I pop them things
Homey, we from the hood, what the fuck is good?
We gangsta killas, and I don’t think you understood
Things come out, nigga best to run, I dump yo ass in the back of the trunk
You don’t wanna get hit with a shotgun pump, shoot yo ass, we getting it crunk
Cuz we ain’t scared of ya’ll, killas is bout to war
These gangsta niggas’ll teach yo ass how to ball

[Chorus 2X]

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