Coalition Lyrics by Icewater

  • Album Release Date: 2011
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[Intro: Polite]
Reporting live from New York City, earlier today
A body was discovered by the Brooklyn peers
The effects of this racial tension seems to be spilling
Into the prison system, coalition fall in the lead of destruction, conversation

Yo, it’s time to start the revolution, they watching me (possibly)
Feds plotting to body me, and I’mma die shooting
The new Huey Newton, I move too strategic
Student of walk’ll seal your enemy secrets
You live for the moment, then die for the future
Corruption, sex and homicide’s all we used to…
(Tensions seems to be uprising, and underworld war has been waged
Coalition seems to be linked to a long string of corruption throughout the city
Federals investigation has been launched)
Yo, king in my right, cuz I was destined to win
Strength recognize strength, it’s the art of war
Study the board, acknowledge what your power hold
Recognize you a boss, and watch them cowards fall
(Earlier today, the attorney general has issued a statement
An investigation has been launched against this coalition)
[Chorus: Polite]
Yo, hat makes this world go round, underworld bosses
Why the poor man struggle to live?
Kids starving, you can see their ribs under they coat
Better watch ’em, they dangerous when never provoked
What makes this world go round, this world ran by crooks
Coalition, and we off the books
We demand work, you front, your boss gets shook
Know the rules, in the heat of war, lives get took

Yo, who got the contracts, we taking this shh, throw me the blueprints
Or get your wig shot, stuffed in the block of cement
Next in line, blow the laborer’s union
Yeah, I’m screwing these faggots on they property, like Monopoly
Money, it’s funny, I used to roll with this Italiano
Mafia hungry, schooled me how to get money, yo papi
Molding me, handing me manuevers for quick cash
But I’mma boss in the street, hammers’ll spit fast
I got the feds on the payroll, screw the connect
The black Al Capone, shoot or get wet
It’s all dirty money, my wolves’ll blast for me, yo, it’s like
We built the city while they had plans for me
But I show power, I lock the streets, where the mad hungry
Piranha coalition, shower the block money
I’m taking what’s mines, I’m going out, shooting off
M-60’s, watch how the crime boss go down

Yo, come on, ya’ll know a gangsta don’t respect the rules
Don’t respect the law, what you expect, it’s war
Nigga creep through the window, never use the door
Last thing you saw, four fifth to your jaw
Go to work with the hammer, like they call me Thor
Black coalitions, specializing in demolition
Speak, this wicked world we live in, to my sons in prison
All my sons on the corner still pitching, get it
One life to live soldier, it’s like a shadow over
Your right shoulder, if you blink, your life’s over
Minute to live, but a second to breathe
Them cowards don’t wanna talk, til them weapons’ll squeeze
(In the world of corruption, money and money
The coalition’s seem to be sending a message
And could not be stopped in their reign to claim superiority
In this crime filled underworld)


[Outro: Polite]
Come on, work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work

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