Click Click Lyrics by Icewater

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {Raekwon}

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo… yeah… uh-huh…
Yeah… make money, money honey…
Icewater, man… Uh-huh…
Check it… (snake nigga, that’s a snake…)

Aiyo… click click, don’t move
You see them niggas over there, they got like four tools
And one plastic bag so how you?
Look good, look hood, whoever run that nigga’s done
You see the dread, there’s like five hundred rounds in the room
Seven joints, see the lady with the grey hair? That’s her man, he stay here
What it do, shorty? Don’t catch asthma on me
Last nigga we caught, he threw up in the Jag on me
Walk slowly, follow the buscuit
You try some tough guy shit, you gon’ kiss it
I’m not playin’, Macey said ‘Peace’
She said ya dick couldn’t get hard, ya lip game is beast
Tuck ya head in the phantom, say good night
Come out them Air whites, you know we got mink in here
That ain’t the rare ice, that Jacob shit got me scared
Keepin’ it real, you know you paid twice
Let me snatch them little dollars you holdin’
I heard ya vault under ya bed, ya leg got the code on it
Yeah, I heard it’s ya born day
This is how we do it where I’m from son, that be ya gone day
Don’t play me, my nigga
I’m not the average, I’m a Hungarian savage
Dressed in all black, lowerin’ my glasses
Half my arm crossed, bulletproof draws from last year
[Hook: D.C. whispering]
I said I’m probably in the buildin’
In the lobby gettin’ ill and
It’s a hobby just to kill ’em
Catch another slight feelin’
Stash the bodies in the ceilin’
If you ridin’ then I’m willin’
I say we blaze ’em cuz they hatin’
Since they braggin’ ’bout they cake and
That’s a reason just to take it
Cuz we should leave ’em in they basement
Have ’em bleedin’ from they faces
Cuz we gotta see these papers

I heard… (click click, don’t move)
Rae already had the drop on ’em but I’m the goon across the room watchin ’em
Rae I told to follow him, a dude that made that move I had to hollow him
That son almost fainted from lack of oxygen
Rae loose and just laughin’ ’em
I took him from the bar to the car to the fuckin’ garage then put a shot in him
But not before we got all that info, caught him for ten notes
And told him baby Macey was kin folk (yeah you remember her, right?)
Been choked, move coke, he got lift Volks
Went broke cuz dude owe dough and he went ghost
He dipped and he got rich, now he’s on that strip
And got bricks, tried to shit on niggas that he got pissed
They found him with his top lift, lookin’ like a bogie that got lit
Then got clipped, niggas think they hot shit (Nah)
They not shot, I don’t pop shit I pop shit
Bop shit, leave ’em stretched right next to they hot whip (BLOAW!!!)

Yo, I heard… (click click, don’t move)
Everybody in the spot thought I was a chick
I played it so cool, sippin’ a Martini with a wig on
Holdin’ my drink but that wasn’t the only thing I had a grip on
Little did they know I was a goonie with a hammer
About to make a movie, no camera
Then I seen that gold phantom parked outside and Rae walked in
With a ratchet on him big enough to take off limbs
And said… (click click, don’t move)
The first to flinch’ll get it the worst, my killas is old school
The chrome tool had my palm sweatin’
Rae give a signal and P.C.’ll give niggas a hard lesson
The bad boys, you nah wan’ test ’em
I leave you all restin’ in a peaceful place from my weapon
The fifth’ll disect ’em, nigga, Paulie got the papers
Donnie got the bricks in a bag, I’ll see you later…


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