Baby Love Me Lyrics by Icewater

  • Album Release Date: 2007
  • Features : {“F.L.O (USA)”}

[Chorus 2X: Flo] + (Polite)
Baby love me (No doubt, shorty, I got you)
Baby hold me (Yo, where would I be, without you)
Baby trust me (So let me ease your fears)
Forever (and don’t cry let me wipe them tears, it’s only you and I)

I know you can’t take this life I’m living
Playing the block with them losers, getting caught up in rumors
But, believe me momma, we don’t had our share of drama
We done, walked through the jungle, we done swam with piranhas
I must admit, a few times, I wasn’t honest
But let’s, put it behind us, and let’s look at the future
I used to, have no time for relations, do to my occupation
It’s hard to be faithful, never meant to betray you
It’s time to put it on the table
Apoligize, live on cable, don’t matter to me
What comes after what matters to me
Stare in your eyes, zoning, moaning, then grabbing the sheets
That’s what I love bout your sexy ass, way you move
You always on your job, keep a nigga in the mood
I love you like I love cooked food, and I apoligize
For the times that I spoke to you rude
[Chorus 2X]

‘Member them times when you showed me love
Understood the struggle, back when I used to hustle
I played the block, broke nights like truckers
Four-fifth with the mufflers, cracks inside my chuckers
Never made me choose, either the block or you
You respect how I did what I got to do
You such a good girl, let’s take a walk in my world
Like the finer things, Prada things, diamonds and pearls
Bigger notes, bigger bills, plus bigger respect
But the day I lose you, will be the biggest regret
And there’s nothing that I won’t do, I scoop you up in the coupe
Long trench in your birthday suit

[Chorus 2X]

I ain’t got time for these games no more
Sure I met alot of groupies on tour, that’s all I did though
I know Alana’s like ‘who he think you fooling’
But if you walk out my life, then I’m losing
Everything I worked for, walked through the dirt for
Traveled the earth in search for, girl, you worth more
And they can have everything that I own
All the jewels, keys to the safe, and the brand new home
[Hook: Flo]
Boy listen to me, as I tell you just now
You don’t walk away cuz I’m not chasing you down
Boy, you so special baby, know and know how
I love you anyway, I’m holding you down

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