They Want Me Back In Lyrics by Ice-T

  • Album Release Date: 1996
  • Features : {“Big Rich”}

Yeah, Shit is going down again!
This motherfuckers want me back in! Fuck!
[Method Man: Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war!] 4x
Get out the H-K!

Niggas talking crazy cause they say, that I
Kill one of they motherfuckers
Sucker ass busters
Did or did not?
I got more drama with the niggas from the other side
Call my nigga Rich in his ride

[Big Rich]
Yo Ice, fuck them niggas
I got a truck full of 38, some bullet shields
Ice, we can send this niggas all to Hell
I never like them niggas from the get go
We used to break em at craps
And fuck all they motherfuckin hoes!
Made another car-hit
30 Killers on the hip
Ready to rock, packin, Magnums and Glocks
Mad connections who trips the question
Niggas on the way to play with the laser ray

[Big Rich]
Nigga you got two strikes and I got two strikes
We can’t afford to leave no fuckin witness tonight
But if this is what they want is like Christmas to me
It’s been a long time since the Big Rich caught a body

Fuck it, I Like the way you think my man
I pack 20 motherfuckers in an Astro Van
We pass the crib about 12:30, dirty
Nigga be ready to roll, I know you heard me!

[Big Rich]
Nigga it’s on, so don’t trip I’m down
I got to sawed off shawty and I’m ready to clown
Blast the nigga in his Face, kill his fuckin whore
Ice, you done did this kind of shit with me before!

[Method Man: Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war!] 8x
They want me back in!
Niggas want me back in!
They want me back in!
Niggas wanne ill, but my niggas get iller
Streets full of hardcore stone-face Killers
One Love my nigga Big Rich puff bud
I don’t get high, I wanne see some niggas die!

[Big Rich]
Yo, some niggas hit the corner with the lights of Ice
That shit don’t look nuthin nice
But if this niggas wanne rollin my Hood
Yo then fuck it
Brake out the hardware boys
Blow up the fuckin buck it

Niggas pulled out but my crew is ready
Return the fire
Rock the punks steady
When the shootin stop, car look like confetti
Went my ass home jump back in the bed G

[Big Rich]
Fuck why they wanna fuck with us
When they know my posse is crazy and they down to bust
Big Rich take no shit from these busta ass tricks
Check a punk ass nigga like we check a bitch
I got no love for no nigga flippin, trippin on my fam
Got damn, I make L.A. hot as Vietnam
But ill niggas should be left alone
Please excuse me, while I rest my dome!

[Method Man: Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war!] 8x
They want me back in
Niggas want me back in
They want me back in
Why……niggas want me back in?

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