Prepared to Die Lyrics by Ice-T

  • Album Release Date: 1991
  • Features : {}

Watch me flip and rip on the freedom tip
Open your mind see the point of the ice pick
I stand tall while my brothers still choose to crawl
Black power, it’s in effect y’all
But you don’t understand you’re still a slave to the man
Prepare for revolution
Some suckers say we’re free, I gotta disagree
Half my posse’s in the penitentiary
So I’m a drop and kick the science with defiance
Because I have no alliance
With suckas who choose not to act Black when they are Black
Get out my face with that, you better ease back
Cause Mandela did 27 hard ones
Not in a windowed room, but in a barred one
While his wife had tears in her eyes
The man is a hero, he needs a Nobel Prize
But that will never happen, so I’m gonna keep rappin’
Freein’ my brothers’ minds from their entrapment
To silence the Ice, they’ll probably put a bullet in me
But I’m prepared to die and Mandela’s free!

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