She Couldnt Make it on Her Own Lyrics by Ice Cube

  • Album Release Date: 2010
  • Features : {Doughboy,”OMG (USA)”}

She had to get a pimp she couldn’t make it on her own
She had to get a pimp she couldn’t make it on her own
She had to get a pimp she couldn’t make it on her own
She had to get a pimp she couldn’t make it on her own

[Verse 1: OMG]
California Air
Chain all blue like it’s running out of air
I keep a bad bitch with a fat derriere
And you know that ho fresher than a new pair
Retro elevens on the pedal!
I’m taking this to the next level
Competition best invest up in a Chevelle
And if you niggas still wanna make a deal with the devil
I can help you meet him, introduce you to my barrel (to my barrel)
All you artists walking ’round wit’cha wack raps (wack raps)
And getting fucked by the game – Kat Stacks (Kat Stacks)
And any nigga thinking he can make it happen
I’ll be outside of Staples with the bitches and the Phantom

[Verse 2: Doughboy]
Pull up on them bitches, stepping out on thirty inches
In my L.A. Dodger fitted with some Louie V stitching
Niggas wanna catch me slipping yeah they praying and they wishing
Cause a nigga clocking dough – and I’m fucking all they bitches
(Yo you fucking all they bitches?) Yeah I’m fucking all they bitches
And it’s money over bitches and I’m preaching my religion
Cause this game that I’m living ’bout as cold as my wrist is
If you know my pops then you know I’m ’bout the business
Smoke big trees, Christmas
Chain super sick, syphilis
My flow retarded nigga gifted
This game’s a bitch, watch me pimp it


[Ice Cube]
If you don’t kick it with me who you gon’ kick it with?
Ice Cube is the shit, who you been speaking with?
They been lying to you if they told you different
I got a different cool type of temperament
West Coast style baby on some California shit
They mighta told you that, I was hard on a bitch
You know how it go, some bitches think they slick
Look at me and think they ’bout to get rich
Uh-oh, danger
You are a stranger
Who am I, I am The Lone Ranger
Tonto tell ’em, I’ll run yo’ fucking ass through the ranger
It goes

What about me
What about me
What about me

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