Robbin Hood Cause it Aint All Good Lyrics by Ice Cube

  • Album Release Date: 1994
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“My job is to tell it like it is..”

[Ice Cube]
See who the fuck I’mma jack today
Nigga broke, shit
And it’s early in the mornin

“Today I’m going to tell you the story of Robin Hood”

[Ice Cube]
At last, grab my ski-mask out the closet
Now let’s see how big did my balls get?
I brush my teeth – it takes a thief
Swervin, cause I’m tryin to roll up the chronic leaf
At a stop sign, I take a hit and hold it in
I cough (*cough cough*) now I’m off
Drivin down the two-lane highway
It’s all bad, thinkin bout shit I never had
Pass through the W.S. (neighbor-hood)
Knowin’ I can do my best in Westwood
Cut off by a white BM, driven by a yuppie
He sticks up his finger like, “Fuck me”
Now I gotta to follow him HOME, with my CHROME
Send him to the Twilight ZONE, it’s ON
Niggas say I’m gone cause I’m fuckin with the rich
(say what?) but they all full of bitch (yeah)
Don’t need a snitch, so I’m rollin solo
In a straight bucket, no it ain’t a low-low
He pulls up to a seven bedroom, eight bath
Oh yeah! He’s got to feel the wrath
Pistola to the neck, devil turn off the Westec(?)
And when you’re rollin have mo’ respect (bitch)
Tied his ass up and took everything I could
A nigga straight robbin, mobbin, back to the hood
[Hook x 2: Ice Cube]
All my niggas love the adventures of
All my niggas love the adventures of
All my niggas love the adventures of…
.. Robin Hood, cause it ain’t all good

[Ice Cube]
Since two-eleven is my favorite number
Fuck squabbin, cause I be Robin like the Boy Wonder
“Holy Bandit!” Leave yo’ ass stranded and you know that
Unhook the LoJack, cellular phone under the flo’ mat
(Uh) They wanna say that it’s federal
Actin like your ninety-five Coupe, is headed fo’
Beirut they wanna shoot me like a terrorist
But I don’t give a FUCK, cause I’m takin care of this
Trigger finger got blisters
Heard from your sisters, you be rollin on the twisters
Now when we meet, I can make your heart beat..
.. and make you feel, so neat
Or you can get us fifteen
Twenties out the ATM, I’ll take all of them (give ’em up)
I’m king of the slim jim, it’s the incredible
Nine-oh-two-one-oh, is where I’m headed foe
Don’t need no Merry Men, I fuck around and bury them
(POW!) if they told, what I stole (uh)
Motherfuckers got to know that I’m lethal
Steal from the rich, and slide it to my people
[Hook: Ice Cube]

[Ice Cube]
I stalk, rich ass people like Hudson Hawk
Bitch don’t talk, let’s take a walk
Nigga got nuttin to lose, you know the rules
The purse and the jewels or the eleven o’clock news
Which one? Magnum gun to the titties
Makin scared devils, move from my city
With the strong-arm, fuck the long arm of the law
Bitch count to ten and forget who you saw (hurry up)
Had to clock her with the handle, cause
Your husband’s a thief with an S&L scandal
Don’t feel bad if you’re stuck up, ahhhh
Nobody move, nobody get – shut the fuck up!
I’m nervous, quick to serve this
Heat in yo’ meat, make your blood skeet
A nigga just tryin to get on his feet
So hurry up rich bitch, before I twitch
She said, “Don’t rape me, and don’t kill me”
Nigga don’t want to fuck, yo’ filthy ass
Just give me the cash and we good
All I wanna do is rob you on my way to the hood

[Hook: Ice Cube]
All my niggas love the adventures of
All my niggas love the adventures of
All my niggas love the adventures of…
… Robin Hood, cause it ain’t all good

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