Fightin in the Club Lyrics by I-20

  • Album Release Date: 2004
  • Features : {Chingy,”Fate Wilson”,”2 Chainz”}

(They fightin’ in the club)

[Hook] I-20 (2 Chainz)] (Repeat 2x)
We thugged out (Thugged Out)
So clear the club out (Club Out)
Niggas get drugged out (Drugged Out)
They Say (They fightin’ in the club)

[Verse 1: I-20]
Dealer bitch, recognize, I’m back up on my grind ho
Niggas talkin’ this and that and wonder what I signed for
Oh, now you hatin’ DTP, cause we got the game sold
Bottom line, you gotta problem, tell it to my 9, ho
Fuck ya boy, hit somebody, swing until a nigga dead
Chingy make her chicken-head, tell that chick to give me head
You can tie tonight dawg, Get em’, peel em’ roll on
Feezy where dem’ hoes at? Titty all the dro’ gone?
D my sister Shawnna man I hope Chi support her
And tell me niece, Carma, I would die for her father
I-20 is a street nigga, better recognize bitch
We ain’t gotta go outside, we can do it in the filth

[Verse 2: Lil’ Fate]
Now you can catch me in that D&D & see them boys throwin’up they thumbs
North-North run this bitch, nigga where you from?
Southside, Eastside, Westside they replying
Boys throwin’ signs bout to start a fuckin’ riot
Bangin’, niggas real gangstas in the M-Town
But I’m from the A so this the type of shit I been ’round
Nigga yeah fuck yall click, yall niggas wankstas
They got his ass beat with bottles, chairs and tables


[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
It’s a chair over there and a bottle on the left
And nobody playin’ fair every man for himself
When push come to shove, shove come to push
You against us, nah us against you
All of us carry tools, lil’ schooled ya whole crew
Ya prolly gon’ run
When the girls start screamin’ “I thought I seen a gun”
They yellin’ that “They fightin’ in the club”
Yeah, got people doin’ stunts
Got people blowin’ blunts
Got people doing the ring
Got people with sense
You need to stay low til’ you get out this building
First and everything, what about ya enemies?
Niggas swing pool-sticks, niggas throwin’ pool-balls
Niggas throwin’ bottles, niggas throw em’ all
If I get locked up, I’mma get out tomorrow
Yeah, with all our folks
All I bought, had to go waste cause all us fought
We used everything it was a all out war
What the fuck you think ya chicks call us for?
My good shirt and all got tore
Break it, pay for it? we all got dough
Hold them bustaz, buck em’, bust em’

[Verse 4: Chingy]
They fightin’ fighting? then get out the spot
Ay black, creep out to the ride get ya shit out and cocked
In fact, I’m posted by the bar like the hood-star that I am
Don’t make me up my piece and turn yo brain into some jam, ya heard?
That nigga got a chair ya scurred? Bust his head with a beer ya heard?
Why you runnin’ over here, you scurred? Fuck them blaze up that herb
Walnut Park and it’s like you tinted and did I mention
DTP’ll tear da club up, bitch nigga what’s up?
Don’t get FUCKED UP! But blow yo TRUCK UP!
Atlanta to St.Louis is they bangin’ gangs or not
Yeah I bang a A.K. and it got a gang of shots
Don’t get shot…….I’m from the block


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