Shock the Place Lyrics by Husalah

  • Album Release Date: 2006
  • Features : {“The Jacka”}

Won’t you rock the bass?
Ah D-Boy
Won’t you shock the place?
Ah don’t stop
What you gonna do?
Ah 1, 2
What you gonna do?
Ah don’t stop
Ah don’t stop
Hip hop
To the beat

Commentatin’, illustratin’
This rip shit given
Hustling’ expert
Gotta let my tech jerk when I mob for my skrilla
It’s nothin’ realer
The most gorgeous nigga
MC of the year, Sucka’s will fear
They can’t compare, or measure up
Whoever the competitor
He’s not better, I’m clever
Like Roy Jones I’m throwin’ K-O blows
When I enter the center they say “Oh yo there he goes”
Should I bring my strap wit me?
It seem like it should be cool
But I don’t
Uh oh, uh uh,uh oh, uh oh
I don’t play around
Nor do I F around
And you can tell from the bodies that I left around
I can rewind the calendar back, back to like ’93
The East was on some African shit
The West was still blastin’ and shit
LA had the most bangin’ and shit
The Bay still got the most game in this shit
Yo, since I was a youth I smoked weed out
Stickin’ to my fingers and I never picked a seed out
When I’m out of states niggas might get me confused
Luckily I got my best friend the Uz

Ah 1,2
What you gonna do?
Funky fresh in the place to be
It’s young Hus and the Jack MC
We rockin’, So shockin’
Don’t stop
To the beat

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