Leaving You Lyrics by Hurricane Chris

  • Album Release Date: 2007
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[Chorus- sung by Hurricane Chris]
And that’s why I’m leavin you
Sick of everythin that you put me through
And I don’t wanna be with you
I’m sorry I can’t be with you
(repeat 2x)

[Hurricane Chris]
Lil’ mama I got love for your ass but you be trippin though
I’m sick and tired of how you choke when I speak to folks at the store
I told ya my lil’ dawg got hurt, we had beef
You told me nigga please, you probably just with some freak
Now see that’s just what I be talkin about, I need me a gutter chick
Who gon’ keep it gutter with, Hurricane Chris or just
Hurricane, it don’t really matter hold me down
And that ain’t whatchu’ doin so you need to move around
I need somebody that’s gon’ cook for me, fix my plate and rub my back
But all you do is fuss and fight like you just don’t know how to act
I’m sick and tired of hollerin, and fussin and fightin
Ain’t wit’ it, don’t like it, don’t do it, not likely
Lil’ mama I’m a Pisces you can never be my wifey
You act like you don’t like me unless I’m drivin somethin pricey
Lil’ mama I’m a Pisces you can never be my wifey
You act like you don’t like me unless I’m drivin somethin pricey

[Hurricane Chris]
Ok so now it’s gettin crucial, I feel like your cum is useless
Nothin to it but to do it, get your bags and get to it
Get outta my bed, get outta my room
Get outta my house, get outta my life
And hey you can’t come back and holla when you get your mind right
‘Cause as far as I’m concerned, you ain’t got nothin I like
Need to keep on kickin and walkin the other way
Please stay outta my face, I ain’t got nothin to say
But “A bay-Bay”, I say that in every phrase
This supposed to be a sad song but I said “A bay-Bay”
And I can’t stand the way you act when we grind up in your face
Bet that flap is stoop with me, that’s your phone in the way
Why in the hell would I give him your number to catch myself up in my game
I am not lame, I got game make you (?) out to the game
So get your thangs, hop up on the horse you came
I think it’s about time you swang and do you thang
Everythin gon’ be ok, everythin gon’ be ok


[Hurricane Chris]
Now baby how you gon’ play games with a beast like me
No matter who them other dudes think they might be
I gots to be a G ’til the day that I die
That’s why you gotta leave I’m tired of tellin you bye
Get the hell outta my sight, and mama you think I’m lyin
So mine off camp hope you have a nice ride
Ratchet city we gon’ lie, cut a chick loose with no tie
Now I’m on another mission with my money on my mind
Constantly thinkin of another way that I can go shine
And when I leave, I’m leavin with the doors suicide
And you better be out my house when I get back, I ain’t lyin

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