Killa Rhyme Klik Lyrics by House of Pain

  • Album Release Date: 1996
  • Features : {“Divine Styler”,”Cockni O\’Dire”}

[Cokni verse]
As we move..
Pussyholes must get bruised
Killa Rhyme klik could never lose
Bring a massiv-a posse, gyals and all de crews
Chop in ya tools
Then enforce killer bacteria and scores
Because..i’mma singsay now just check it out
Yo word is bond a normal flavour
Life very short embri containing (??) ingredients
Instead of the edifying education, you could acquire
From the main branch of the tree of knowledge
Bring the forth to the new season
Here’s the yoot who learned the truth from another yoot
Everything was for a reason, now look
We see every raas dig up cream to de last fiend
These are man different career cos Jah rules everything right
In terms of our critics we ah, mic with them
And every rhyme (??)
This Christian blood is born of blood fud
And me cuss badwood saying things you can’t clean with soapsud
Seen? This fiend from queens slips steps like a chasm
And the (?) of the middle of ya face i bust into you to like the balls from phantasm..
Killa Rhyme Klik keeps the function live
Heads treat my lovely on the 1-2-5
I might socialize if I dip and dive
Cause it’s the daily routine on which I thrive

I got platoons, I got regiments, I got battalions
I got ponies, I got mares, and I got stallions
I got planets, I got moons, and I got stars
I got jewelry, I got loot, plus I got cars
I got family, I got foes, I got an ally
It’s the E man, you got priests and a rabbi
I got knowledge, I got wisdom, I got overstandin’
I got culture, freedom, you got a weekly meetin’
You have bless, you have blood, you have a sacrifice
You have guilt, you have shame, you got your soul on ice
It’s a control device, can’t you see my earth is in orbit
Lucy’s holdin’ product, that’s why you can’t afford it

[Divine Styler]
Yo E, drop that killer thing yeah that shit right there
The thing that keep devils clear and keep suckers in fear
I got a mission, and grace to match
I got systems of knowledge that none y’all can’t catch
I got meditations of toaism and you got ism
I got the outer body experience
I’m easy wide than infinity, and i need clearance (gunshot)
I got the nine duplicated (unreleated) multiple lives
I got brothers who survive with me through the lies
I got sisters who wish to be exorcised
From D- to E to O, you will hear the flow
Ghetto intelligent the 85 that don’t know
I got the new word of god, in my flesh
I got the mind of Muhammad, psychology can’t test

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