Just Another Victim Lyrics by House of Pain

  • Album Release Date: 1993
  • Features : {Helmet}

But you’re in bed
Stumble out
And run dead
If it ever paid
To self start
Make you smart

Just another victim
Just another victim
Just another victim, kid

I heard it once
But not before
Begging off
And livin’ bored
My hands are tied
Webbed feet again
Fell in behind
And claim us dead

Cast this
In spite of truth
Give it up
I’ll lie to you
Blame and flame this
Turn to start
Pointed finger
You fall apart


You played yourself now you point the finger
How i’ve robbed and raped ya, bruised and scraped ya
But those are just lies, cause in your eyes you’ve been victimized
It’s how you size it up, you disguise it up, and try to make it look
To cover up the low self esteem you feel
Introspection an afterthought, swimmin in guilt your favorite sport
But now you’re caught up in the undertow
You never knew a man could sink so low
But now you know, cause you’re John Doe
In a black bag a tag on your toe
I built the House
I felt the Pain
You’re victimized but got no one to blame
Just another victim
You’re just another victim, kid
Just another victim
You’re just another victim kid

Holy diver, I’m a survivor
Feeling like DeNiro in Taxi Driver
With Jodi Foster, and Harvy Kietel
Looks like I’m walkin through a livin Hell
So spark that L, and I’ll get lifted
Feelin the effects of what my spliff did
Cause I’m gifted, I read Sun Tzu
I bought a Gun too so you’ll never come too
The weight of the world ridin on my shoulders
Cause I’m a soldier, I thought I told ya

[Hook until song ends]

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