I’m A Swing It Lyrics by House of Pain

  • Album Release Date: 1994
  • Features : {“DJ Muggs”}

[Hook 1]
Flowing and flowing and just flowing [x10]

[Verse 1: Everlast]
I’m a swing it, watch me bring it to the next level
The grafted devil’s getting funky like The Neville
Brothers from the Bayou, so why you wanna trip?
Just play the sidelines, kid, and wait for me to slip
Cause I can feel it “In the Air Tonight”
But yo I’m not Phil Collins, I’m more like Henry Rollins
Cause I Search and Destroy every toy with a plot
Trying to get what I got, you might get shot!
Hot damn, I’m a slam you like ONYX
Then teach you how to write a rhyme like Hooked on Phonics
Mother Goose ain’t got shit on me
Cause I’ll get loose at the jam and wreck the whole party
I make em jump and mosh, oh my gosh
Just slamming in the pit while I’m kicking my shit
They bugging in the aisles cause I got mad styles
And ain’t a damn thing funny, I get money in piles
Some people thought I died, that’s just a rumor though
Others thought I fell off, but now I’m Numero Uno
Dos, not Quatro
Word to Kool Keith, I’m a break up your teeth
[Bridge: Danny Boy & Everlast]
When I die (die)
Bury me (me)
Hang my balls from the cherry tree (tree)
Let them get ripe (ripe) then take a bite (bite)
And if they don’t taste right
Then don’t blame D! (D)

[Verse 2: Danny Boy]
You need to quit swinging the style that I’m bringing
The funk-knuckled dragon who gets on the wagon
I’m not the twelve-stepper, don’t play me like a lever
“My Mic Sounds Nice” but it’s not Salt-N-Pepa

[Verse 3: Everlast]
Well it’s the man with the plan to get all your skins
The tip on my dick’s where the line begins
So hoes form a line, take off that swine
Strip your ass buck-naked, let’s see if you can take it
Cause I’ll make you feel “Like A Natural Woman”
Cause I Keep It Comin’
I’m the Everlasting Freestyle Assassin
With Soul and my goal is to bring a little passion
To your girl’s life like the daily soaps
Throw her down on the bed and tie her up with ropes
[Hook 2]
The lyrics keep flowing and flowing and just flowing
The lyrics keep flowing and flowing and just flowing
The lyrics keep flowing and flowing and just flowing
The lyrics keep flowing and flowing and just flowing

[Verse 4: Danny Boy]
I’m just another Ranger with a dirty face
Punk motherfuckers beef about my race
You need step back, kid and give me some space
So I can cold-shock the party when I’m rocking the place
Danny Boy’s arriving, standing six five and a half
Don’t laugh, kid, the grafted’s surviving
The outlaw biker with my bitch hitchhiker
On the “Highway to Hell”
Cause I never tell

[Verse 5: Everlast]
Well it’s the funk back-breaker
We “Heat it Up” like Jamaica
Don’t bring your woman to the party
Cause I’ll take her
“Hit the Deck” cause I’m down with the Whooli’s
I got a trunk full of funk like the Groovie Goolies
I’m not the man but I asked you “Who was he?”
Quik’s got the hairdo just like Ruth Buzzi
Running ’round town like you been to jail, son
But you hit the swap meet to get your hair and your nails done
Get off my sack cause your shit is wack
You diss me and I’m a diss you back
[Hook 1 (x2)]

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