You Ready? Lyrics by House Gang Animalz

  • Album Release Date: 2004
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[Intro: Carlton Fisk]
(You ready?) God damn right I’m ready
We Loose Linx, it’s Carlton Fisk on your radio
(I know somethin’ you don’t know)
On your up and down, uncut comin’ at you
(Carlton Fisk for you, everywhere)
Raider Ruckus in this bitch
La Banga in this bitch
(You know it nigga, we back right here nigga)
Carlton Fisk in this bitch, we got you, comin’ with me
(We linked up, linked up)
Aim for the sky nigga, reach high nigga

[Carlton Fisk]
Niggas hatin’ how I’m whippin’ that Lex
Is forget it, four pound with a terrible mess
Why you think they got shells that’ll go through your vest?
New Balance rockin’ niggas, spot rusherz in vests
Jay Love took two in the chest, 2 Cent took two in the chest
Y. Million took two in the chest, handle my business
Whenever it get rough in the trenches
Snatch the whirl and the Coup with blue lenses
Ratchets with attachments on them, Nextel in bed with the fed
Got New York wild like he wrongin’ ’em
Conspiracy rap, ties me in the conversation
With the made men for my obligation
My form of occupation, is put your faces in
Broad day for payment, leave you on the pavement
Life’s not a video shoot, I move around the city
With the thangs and I really’ll you
Don’t confuse me with these rap niggas tellin’ you lies
Dogs are violent, don’t back, guns are silent
Disforbid them, back in the mountains
Lets go nigga (Put ’em up, lets go)
[La Banga]
Extend ya’ll ears, a little bit to hear these here
Outspoken words of pressure that just shit clear
First of all, we all know and understand
That niggas respect violence, and cowards will force your hand
But when you got dough, you can kill beef with grand
Off that snitch, before he Sammy the Bull the stand
And your empire cracks and crumbles
I ain’t tryin’ to see the jail time behind the wall reflectin’ the jungles
Made out of concrete, where the buildings is trees
It’s a area where criminals, hustlers and thieves
Accumulate, the science with thought to build that cheese
Power rope behind strength and numbers
I ain’t gotta do the bangin’ dog, when I could send wolves to hunt you
Throw a price over your head that’ll quence they hunger
It could be deadly, killer who got moles up at ’em
Now keep it crunked up, it shouldn’t of brought war up at ’em
But I learnt when you do dirt, there’s always a problem
Soon to occur, like obstacles blockin’ your goals
If you let it, the block will strict you for your soul
So don’t forget it, so even when you shook, stay bold
Hold your composure, face your opressor, reverse the pressure
He’s cattle, he’s beef, think nothin’ lesser
It’s all legal, his thoughts is the same
Especially a eagle nigga who got points to gain
Everybody know the rules of the game, first come, first serve
And it ain’t nothin’ to deliver them thangs
Like there’s somethin’ to deliver your brains, it ain’t nothin’!
(Ahh, ahh, yo)
[La Banga] (Carlton Fisk)
We do exactly what we supposed to do (how we suppose to do it)
When we approachin’ you (Anything else) Is unacceptable
(Come try us) Cause Park Hill niggas will spark fire at you
Move to these streets, we a asset, we break data, make music
(It’s like sellin’ crack) So ya’ll heads could use it
(When we write rhymes, we bust our pens) And lay jewels
(That’ll sit in your mind like brain stormin’)
Then rob you for all your belongings (Dig your pockets from all ends)
We quiet storm assassins (Form it in the Loose Linx fasion)
Too many stay actin’, but ain’t fit for a role (Wit’ action
Ya’ll freeze when ya’ll realize ya’ll ain’t the only blastin’)
We been trapped in, now we free from the shacklin’
And set for the smashin’, we got it poppin’
(Plus get it crackin’, we all live soldiers here captain)
With shoe strings around our necks (Attached to a mac-10)
We conversate with you, but rock you to sleep (While you relaxin’)

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