Wake Up Lyrics by House Gang Animalz

  • Album Release Date: 2004
  • Features : {“Inspectah Deck”}

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Shit is serious, all my life this shit is serious
We got mouths to feed, we got families and babies dependin’ on us
We ain’t layin’ down for this shit, we gon’ stand up right now
Yo, yo

[Inspectah Deck]
When I wake up in the morning
I’m thankful just to wake up in the morning, not layin’ in the coffin
Did time and crime, now I write these rhymes
And I die for what’s rightfully mine
Most my niggas is gone, I’m fightin on
Like how did I survive this long?
So I plant these seeds, please believe
They’ll salute me the moment I leave
Big city of dream, quick pretty machine
In the mud fight, where we get gritty to gleam
Where the thug types bust life, then jiggy for CREAM
Cops storm around the block tryin’ to get me in greens
I’m a loose cannon, incredible with Bruce Banner
Lickin’ off through your speaker like Snipes with two hammers
Rude manners, bad attitude and grammar
Been through the slammer, got my trees through Miranda
Midnight marauder, want it all nothin’ shorter
Hundred dollar big faced bills, now what’s your offer?
Forcin’ my hand, I bump you off where you stand
Yo, money with the fake fronts, talk to your man
I’m from the land where the hoods roam, and chrome gets tossed
And the rats snatch the throwback off your dead corpse
You could be a gangsta, you could still get caught
And, it be your main man sendin’ you off
That’s why I wake up in the morning with a six shooter
Ain’t slept all mornin’ waitin’ on the intruder
It’s you or I, it’s do or die to get in
In the real world, your grandmom’s door gets kicked in
I do what it takes to survive, seen the greatest alive
Go from glory, through the snakes and lies
I seen, a honest man when the stakes got high
Grab a gun and take lives over cakes and pies
Gettin’, CREAM, cheese or bread, however said
All your dope stash won’t match the price on your head
Cause shots flyin’ out a blazin’ pace
Made ya name save a place, daily in the paper chase
So I wake up in the mornin’
Blessed that I made it to the morning, but the streets still callin’
Yeah, pumpin’ my jams or, runnin’ a scam
Either way I’m gettin’ ones in my hand
I’m one felony short from doin’ life
Duel mic make me loose it tonight

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