Promises Lyrics by House Gang Animalz

  • Album Release Date: 2004
  • Features : {}

[Intro: House Gang Animalz]
Street! (Hous Gang, La Bang)
{This is HG, you gotta earn your property}
(Shit man, no fuckin’ pain, fuckin’ game)

[La Banga]
I’m steppin’ right to ya, I see that bullshit right through ya
I ain’t playin with ya, I’m ’bout to end ya
You should arm yourself, I’m ’bout to bring you some harm
My House Gang fam, you know they comin’ alarmed
And ya’ll the basic, the minimum, opposin’ no threat
And we ain’t start the pressure, but already seein’ you sweat
Just wait to see how hot shit could really could a’get
We the last comin’ first, so we really gon’ shit
The focus is this, make the mass acknowledge the gift
For we ain’t doin’ nuttin’, let our hunger speak for it’s not bluffin’
We need to start somethin’
These niggas got access, but they ain’t movin nuttin’
So just imagine our image behind cash, power is in the makin’
And hoes is just waitin’ to suck and give up the ass
These niggas just a little over zealous and gassed
So you bare low power, you barely wieldin’ it right
For odd years you still ain’t got your hustle on right
Now it’s ’bout to get rough, where you think I’m gon’ be?
Still livin’ in the G-H-E-T-T-O please
Nah you don’t know me, somethin’ to die slowly
I’m just laid back, nothin’ really can hold me
They gon’ try to grab me, but they’ll never have me
Cuffed with the jackass look in county khakis
Catch me OT, sellin’ weight with baggies
Or the I-95 with a bad bitch to ride
Two hundred grands to poof for the love of the boy she tried
To lubricate the pussy, put the package inside
You can’t stop me, I move too slick in these streets
I do it in four wheels or just my own two feet
My team is legendary, you can’t best to elite beef, it’s necessary
You ain’t ready retreat, baby you have to worry
We kinda hard to defeat

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