Kidz from Da Hood Lyrics by House Gang Animalz

  • Album Release Date: 2004
  • Features : {Raekwon,WHY?}

Kidz from the Hood is more dangerous
Everybody vest up, all the shot callers with aim, stick
From three pound, automatic is nasty, raspberry color
My shit bloody, with mud on my New Balance
Goodness gracious, more lazers, watch my family
Had these niggas, these niggas got more Rae shit
Three sixty weight, put somethin’ in the air
He didn’t die, but he coped the hearing aid, son
New shit, New Balance click, true blue sixes burst
The nurses in the joint, who school ninja’s
The next paragraph might excite you, enlighten you
To get up, get hype a little, bust rifles through him
I wrote it like that, to rock wigs, ox’ kids
Boxes, cops is chasin’ niggas to cribs
Vision the next verse is classy, ask me
How these young niggas get money, the tongue speaks so raspy, yo

I’m here to teach these niggas how to, handle the pot, like
Scramble the rock, dog, I’m hurtin’ the block, like
Dirty signed with The Roc, word to my pops
Front on my team and that thang-a-rang, my gang’ll bang
My life is like a horror movie, so ya’ll can hardly move me
Come through your block on a Harley, sprayin’ a uzi
Got killas on a payroll, killas on the lay low
Niggas that’ll kill when I say so
Turn rappers to Ma$e, four/fifth tear up half of your face
Chef, move, I got him, he laced, broad day
Jump out the whip, pop your bitch, all we do, is powerful tips
[Carlton Fisk]
Time waits for no man, the clock is tickin’
Still bubble crack, watch the little man from the kitchen
Guns in the closet, packs in the Ac’ for pitching
Haters can’t stop a prophet, march and start snitchin’
Rims spinnin’, Loose Linx came expensive
No cars we movin’ in, lease to rent it
Dangerous ground, guerilla nigga shakin’ it down
Escape from N.Y., we paintin’ the town
Actual fact, Carlton Fisk, the fugitive’s back
Breakin’ bread with made men, so look for the silence of mayhem

[La Banga]
Yo, I was down, I was up, now it’s back to me, back down
These cutthroat niggas, had made me step up my cracks now
They ran with my secrets, I would tell them, they watch it
And they peep it, a lot of them niggas came from under me, and
Those be the ones most defective
To build a sick strategy on rapping method, give ’em E for effort
Gotta send ’em a message, without talkin’ that shit could get hectic
Money first, and friendship is second
Superior’s La, inferior’s ya’ll
Don’t make me worry it, ya’ll, cut friendship ain’t necessary at all
Get down or lay down, I’m suggestin’ a call
I got drugs and I’m gettin’ them all
I still got a lot of problems on my chest, and I’m gettin’ ’em off
I suppose that ya’ll know that though
So when I get paid, escape a payback, like I owed that dough

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