Ive Heard Lyrics by Hot Karl

  • Album Release Date: 2005
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“Please, don’t stop. Baby baby, please don’t stop.”

[Verse One]
I’ve heard I’m always corny and I’m only punchlines (okay)
I tread on water, ocean’s filled with landmines
I’ve heard I copy Eminem with everything I write
But I guess there’s worse rappers that a cat can sound like (I guess)
I’ve heard I made a stupid move by leavin’ that place
Ditchin’ a CD that Redman, Fab and Mya laced (thanks anyways)
I’ve heard I’m just a gimmick that cashes in a fad
Well if it’s so hot why’s my career so bad?
I’ve heard I got a million dollar deal from EMI
I signed a contract then ran away to hide (see ya)
I’ve heard my parents divorced fucked with my mind
Poppin’ Adavan, panic attacks all the time
I’ve heard that independent means I’m not good enough (naw)
If it’s not on MTV than my whole album must suck
I’ve heard I’m either sellin’ four million or just four
I’m that dude you love to hate but that dude you can’t ignore (yeah)

Please please please don’t stop
Baby baby please
Please please don’t stop
[Verse Two]
I’ve heard my money’s running out I better find new hope
But then I heard that Kanye West and Just Blaze still think I’m dope (for real?)
I’ve heard I wasted four years off my life on pipe dreams
If I’m asked again, “What happened?” then I’m gonna fuckin’ scream
I’ve heard my girlfriend tried to convince me of my skills
I don’t think that I’m wack, I’m just sick of standin’ still
I’ve heard that Playboy mag said I’m next to blow up
That was three years ago and now I feel I’ve dried up (awww)
I’ve heard Timbaland talked shit behind my back
But I can’t really tell which is made up and what’s fact (whatever)
I’ve heard message boards are filled with only haters
But still I’m gonna peep them out sooner or later
I’ve heard in this game there’s only room for one white
Although 90% of all rappers are virtually alike (true)
I’ve heard I’ve got Muhammad Ali up on my arm
To remind me to keep fighting and to always stay strong
Is that wrong?

Please please please don’t stop
Baby baby please
Please please don’t stop

[Verse Three]
I’ve heard I can’t relate because I’ve never sold drugs
Like every rapper out really did grow up as a thug (sure)
Because of this divide I know my passion’s slowly dyin’
Only because these popular MCs keep lyin’
I’ve heard that no one likes that I’m a true throwback
No one cares but MC Lyte, Biz Markie and G. Rap (c’mon)
I’ve heard a lot of compliments about my different style
But I’m convinced that I’m lyin’ so I’m nervous all the while
I’ve heard that this record might be my last chance
But I can’t find myself doin’ the same song and dance (no way)
I’ve heard it would be easier if I just gave in
But I couldn’t live with myself if I just caved in
I’ve heard that I’m stuck fighting a lost cause
At least I’m being honest
Show the world I got some balls (aiight)
I’ve heard this is my heart and soul all on one track
I’ve heard a lot of things but all I wanna do is rap
Please please please don’t stop
Baby baby please
Please please don’t stop

[Outro] [Hot Karl speaking]
I mean, that’s all I can do. That and be honest
I mean y’all get lied to enough right?
I’m not here to do that. It’s like, aren’t you sick of that by now?
The same shit from the same rappers?
I mean hey, even if you hate me, you gotta at least admit
I’m at least sayin’ somethin’ different
And that much I feel like I’ve succeeded

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