Upside Down Original Version Lyrics by Hot Dollar

  • Album Release Date: 2011
  • Features : {}

[Pop Gangsta]
This your boy, Pop Gangsta, you know what I’m talkin’ about
On the ones and two
Hot sunny day right now
We at Dolla Figga Radio
Doin’ it real big, real live
We got a record everybody been requestin’
Hot Dollar
Upside Down
Yeah (Yeah…)

Chorus: Q
Why don’t you turn your umbrella upside down (Hey)
Bout to make it rain
Don’t let it touch the ground (Oh oh)
It’s unbelievable
That your body’s
Baby got so mesmerizing
Got me fantasizing (Oh oh)
It’s unbelievable
That your body’s (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
Calling (Oh-oh, oh-oh)
[Verse 1: Hot Dollar]
You got me fiendin’
For your touch
You wanna make love, I wanna fuck (Yeah)
The club is hot
And the mood is right
Too many girls, and they pretty, for the thug, you fight
You windin’
I’m grindin’
I’m jeweled up, but you shinin’
I bet you got that fire
Your taste I admire
You look so good like the cars I acquire
I’m tryin’ to get you out of here and back in my place
Tell your friend
To hit you tomorrow on MySpace
The nights full of passion, we explodin’ like planes crashing
Throwback on your fashion
What you askin’

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Hot Dollar (Q in background) {Girls}]
I’m tryin’ to get you out your Vickies
Give you hickies
Lay you down on the bed
Watch movie, blow stickies
Give me a lapdance and I make it rain on you
Swear you s’pposed to king your ass and sang on you (Why don’t you)
Had a lot of pretty girls, but none bad like you are
Wine you a dine, and show you off like a new car
Know in London, smile, ass like delicious
You would be my first if I had three wishes
Said you want a baller
Well, I’m a team on her
She wear it hard, then I blew some green on her {Hey}
Couldn’t get enough of mine, try, but it’s tough to do
I got a ideal baby girl
Here’s a clue
Repeat Chorus

Bridge: Q
So shorty, tell me where to get goin’
To get you in my two (???)
Tell me what you like
I can do it twice, oh
I said, “Shorty, what they hit for”
You see
Truly, I’m the bandit
Up in rubberbands
You know I got it
You know I got it
You know I got it
Ha, oooh

Repeat Chorus

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