It Is What It Is Acapella Lyrics by Homeboy Sandman

  • Album Release Date: 2008
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Yo, it is what it is you know what I’m sayin’? Homeboy Sandman. It is what it is

It is what it is and it isn’t what it was and what it ain’t
Is another dime a dozen I don’t covet I create
When there’s nothin’ in my cupboard I be guzzlin’ V-8
I’m concerned by how the government and governor behave
I’m fed up with all the rubbish that the youngins emulate
Yesterday I cuddled with a couple of Malasians
Play me in the summer with a cup of lemonade
I don’t knuckle up but on a couple of occasions
Hate when undercovers run amok at the parade
Homie I grew up without a butler and a maid
Homies get a cut of every buck I’ll ever make
Since my rubber ducky I’ve been lucky with the dames
Ever though I’m never up to spend a ducat on a date
If you’re luckin’ for a sucker keep your number and your name

I don’t give a motherfuck where you reppin’ about your weapons and your cash
Motherfucker you can blow it out the rectum of your ass
Drop me off in any sector, any section of the map
In about a second I’ll successfully adapt
Every second’s millisecond I be workin’ on my craft
I be runnin’ rap but I will never catch a cramp
Because before I make a record I be stretchin’ out my calves
And I could never write graf
But I could always write raps
I think about the days when chicks was walkin’ right past
But now they call me right back
So I suggest you go ahead and wave your white flag
And brush your teeth and fight plaque
And since you never know what a woman might have
Keep a jimmy hat
Cause you don’t wanna catch crabs
My alliances with lions are lines on the left
When it comes to science we the brightest and the best
When we step up in the party, the party commence
Any time we rock a party watch for cardiac arrest
When your party’s so lethargic, you need an EMS
Hit my Motorola I’ll be over in a jif
As a whippersnapper I was known to shoot the five
And I wind up in the principles where I would plead the fifth
Chicks not into gettin’ physical simply do not exist

I hold it down

Ummm…Yo, there is no spoon. There is no spoon. Peace

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