Where Are You Walking? Lyrics by Holocaust & American Poets 2099

  • Album Release Date: 2015
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[Chorus 2X: Holocaust]
Where are you walking, Where are you walking, Where are you walking
Where are you walking, Where are you walking, Where are you walking
Where are you walking, On the motherfucking ground
The night stalker’s coffin, The Holocaust from out of bounds
His witch men, From close to Boston, Just lost in Los Angeles now
Gloriously destructive, Your the last ruckus, You fuck’n punk bitch

It is not easy to find answers to those mysteries which are scientific problems
I move with my crime henchmen sovereign
Yo Dun, A place son, Some elves have been turned into goblins
This happened from an estranged disease that is do to a stone called gomulent
A special thought was teal, Or a roulet wheel
At night goblins come out to kill and steal
New ways to stand to your imagination
Some say the highest virtue is quiet patience
While scientist come up with theory after theory
Attempting to explain them, And they argue about them amongst themselves blatant
All the mysteries are historical, And made of time and place, Or outer space
Snakes kill an average of forty thousand people every year
According to the world health organization
I work in a dark place with poor ventilation
You sweat bullets and shit bricks, Girls have special tricks
And know the black rat carried the fleas that transmitted the bubonic plague disease
The villagers were left deserted in fields overgrown with the churches

Every mosquito that ever bitten you was female, She needs the blood for her eggs
Every year the mosquito would kill two point seven million people
Maybe yellow fever or malaria is what happened
But if you eat a lot of bananas the potassium in your skin will attract them
Mild wire, My rhyme spreads like wild fire, If you inquire
My lovely Christine machine zoomed past a speckled rattle snake
Without a driver, Yes I wrote this on Halloween night
So friend twice my pen’s nice
Puss and blood, The human body only contains ten pints
Imagine a monster you can’t see and you can’t hear, Like piranhas
A glowing flame of fire, Intense direct, I spit like a llama
Life’s the missing pieces to an ancient puzzle, My tainted muzzle
Before a battle with The Holocaust you better get a bunch of chain
Saws and juggle
I’m a master, A cheetah is faster then a horse, Know of course
I got a special weapons and tactics team, Your life divorce by excessive force


[Outro: Holocaust]
Where are you walking, Where are you walking, Where are you walking

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