Stand Lyrics by Holocaust & American Poets 2099

  • Album Release Date: 2015
  • Features : {}

[Hook: Holocaust]
The Fall leaves in the lake is deep
Around the world from eighty graves
Passing waves in techniques
The Fall leaves in the lake is deep
Around the world from eighty graves
Passing waves in techniques

A skeleton is watching, Ant bully the night stalker stalking
Nowhere in sight, A spy glass, I die fast, America’s Army
Star Wars with human chaos on board, The island’s watching
Tales of going mad and eating grass, A night brief and shocking
Someone’s in the wolf, Grand Theft Auto, A town looks
The brown book, Horse hoof, You saw me
If he can find his same period to avoid the Egyptians forming
The wolf is now found an oasis, The spider is tasteless
How many of us becoming of the war, Arachnoid braces
A king is conceited, A women domineering Splinter Cell
He left the actress in her tomb by the lake, It all went to Hell
Game crazy Pirates is father at reign, Yakuza road blame
________ to catch the mind, Autumn is crazy, An arm pain
However Babylon was shortly to fall, Sudden death to all
The evil prince mourns, His cohort does not catch the bird and cause
His subsidiary flourished, Wealthy merchants, A women saw
Before he was defeated by samaritans, A western Europe hall

Robot Jedi star fighter, It features the eerie lake town wire
If a space flied at night, A book of deep sea divers
There I have found a way into the cave, Dragon Gate
A sold out bed wide bar fire could restore it, Concentrate
Let whoever wants to save their life, The wolves from place
And the scents that the round stick makes
One lays over, Rise of the soldier, The last air bender
The defender, The sportsman escapes
Pain killer Jane, The Tylenol wars, The sea of paint
Destination space, The Last Star Fighter, The system shakes
Destroy five, The secret apprentice, Walk way
How does a genius gain weight, How do the stars know dates
With their son hanging the next morning over, Die shortly after
She was becoming the undisputed, Italian laughter
Nuclear energy, Star Wars The Force Unleashed


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