Punch Your Face In Lyrics by Holocaust & American Poets 2099

  • Album Release Date: 2015
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[Nova Kane]
Ha, Yeah, Twenty ninety-nine
My thoughts never sleep leaving human shells in concrete
Force a lot, Starts cracking underneath a Thanos beat
Lame’ll speak envious on levels that they’ll never meet
Hit em hard and fast, That’s word here on these Cali streets
Associate and politic with killers from LXG
I’m more then just wild yo, I’m quietly insane you see
Time is of the essence, From my hand bleeds infinity
A crisis that can only be contained by my poets team
Venomous and violent from the phylum of a centipede
A hundred times more potent, Sting continuous like killer bees
I leave emcees hopeless, Fill em up with more empty dreams
Sexy screams unheard when your girly comes and fucks with me
Flip out the sidekick, Recite from a thousand lines
Told em like a thousand times how I do in every rhyme
Punch you in your face like I’m only built for cuban linx
A thousand leagues beneath, My league’s extraordinary poetry

I punch my enemy until he falls off the screen
It is about to collapse, I stomp and mash your machine
Stay tuned to updates, A running skeleton
I eat off of Titanic artifacts, On a water front restaurant
Sitting in a freezing arctic with a pelican
Your style will get abandoned
You must pay attention so you won’t fall behind
A tiger in the river pulled a man from his boat, Unkind
I sent a canary, 135 Maple Drive
And I blast that hospital ship out of the sky
People running screaming we’ll never get away in time
Gun walking Joe like angel dust, Up close
And dangerous, Experience truth to life
Sword play and motion capture blind
His cantankerous sword, The wild junk yard dog
Rocket funding son, the hour of the gun
Raining Los Angeles, The leader of the colony
[Pro the Leader]
Punch your face in, Nightwing like Dick Grayson
Intriguing, Extraordinarily amazing
Mortal Kombat verses the DC universe
Lose alerts, Gigantic iceberg soon to burst
We want fans who will search the Earth to hear a new verse
Hit you with a nuke first, The truth hurts
While you’re crying like a little bitch I’ll be rich
Sweat suits, And high valor outfits
I ain’t fucking with your beats or Soundclick
Word of mouth advertisement, Yo I heard him out
Analyze’n, Standing up rising, You get offended
Suspended animation, Splendid
Recommended ammunition price-ly, Spit nicely
Cold vein, Icee’s, No pain write’n

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