Nas Diss Lyrics by Holocaust & American Poets 2099

  • Album Release Date: 2009
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Uther the Half Dead King, there is a possibility
Nas you will build defensive structures and fall asleep
Evolutionary psychology, ‘Death Certificate’ thief
Frees the Stonehenge chief
Through this opening into the darkness breach
The unprecedented use of intellectual economy
The impulse is the act of enclosing something
By October third, Two thousand thirty-three
The polar packed ice was a fearsome thing
They also changed my human form to one that more resembled a King
Foolish boy you must understand the locket is incomplete
The flattened conical root is the Summer street
The wolves are always trouble at night for us, When will return me
You have improved like the orangutan, But there is a color theory
And the fossils of ancient DNA and perhaps a capacity for speech
These fractures where made by spears and perhaps humans asleep
The skeleton had a carbon dating and a women, Kipling and the monkey
A fighter soldier opens a door with a crash deep
What are the chances of being hit by three strokes of lightning
You are responsible for protecting native land from those who gold seek
Appoint now a fort to bowel to the increasing pressure for leniency
The radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi in Italy
The year 1895, The barometer 1643
The atmosphere with natural levels of gas is green
Is an Axe Cop cartoon with a lady as Queen

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