Introducing Chaos Lyrics by Holocaust & American Poets 2099

  • Album Release Date: 2015
  • Features : {“60 Second Assassin”,”Buddha Monk”,Dopestyle,Jus-P}

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
Haha haha haha ha
Your slowly dying, Your body’s fasting
Your slowly dying, Your body’s fasting

[60 Second Assassin]
You know what it is, You know what it is
Here in the seconds to come
Evacuate the premises, Now here’s another one
Nothing heard but the audience and me give’n a drum
Or some relax in the pace, Here in the nick of time
Leaving faces graced, Kill what another might say
Thirteen seconds already elapsed, Perhaps
A masked murder will take the set, With forty-five seconds left
If ever meet me, Freestyle is conspiracy
Soul King lean to sling rap menace to society
You have to actually have to step over a mountain
Before getting with this fountain of youth
If New York’s an apple, Boy then bite this forbidden fruit
I declare war, It’s the sand against the poor
With twenty-eight seconds to fall
[Buddha Monk]
Uh huh, Haha haha haha ha
I kill in the dark night, When day light
Change of the appetite, Shake hands with millionaires, Sun light
My arrivals, Riddle me this, I got my eye on you
Walk with dead presidents to bloody up your regiment
A Hebrew from see you, You see you, I creep you, Delete you
You and your move, Your car goons, Bunch of Looney Tunes
Your goons doomed, My tablets is holy, I ghost thee
You a bad boy, Why you run, Police
But before you speak, Slug close your speech
Now your soul’s grim reaped, D.O.A. when blues reach
I digitally design a crime that’s so fine
You asking was it a crime of passion, Just had them off blast’n

She stabbed in my Winter, Ho Chi Min trail
Electrify, Missed the third rail
Snatch your bling bling, And your locket
Low down crook count, One’s never shooked
Not a good look, Tai Chi, Pompadour
Ignorant Truth, Mr. Al Gore
Green back on my green thumb, Hand on the chump
Smack with the club, Rub-a-bub mushy
Our friends with the sickle, Blood on the porch
When a high plane flame on human torch
Scorch emcee, I say Free Willy
Go hard in the paint, Even if it kills me
[Pro the Leader]
Straight off the streets, Everything else is obsolete
You ain’t call’n shots, You’re just pop’n off to your peeps
They serve softer to me, I need a harder beat
Industry ready, Steadily heavily invest everything
You couldn’t disassemble me, You use predictable similes
Intrigued, In disbelieve, In this industry you can’t act attentively
I wipe your crew out like a natural disaster
I’ll have the last laugh first, You can sense it in the air it’s urgent
Most be allergic to alertness, Kick’n rhymes as the Earth spins
A whirl wind of talent shatter your tablet
Your distasteful, I’m insatiable, I’m irreplaceable
Evasive action taken, Impressive, Escape evacuation
Constant accusations, Rhyme is my occupation

Yeah, The black menace
Moving through the shadows of life, My rap’s finished
Anyone to challenge the mic, I be the one known as Jus-P
Short for Justice, Trust we run deep
Another reason why they call the God Just Peace
Sometimes it’s just four little sluts and just peek, It’s just me
I’m all by myself, Smoking till I’m high
Getting sucked till I cry, Why you living a lie
Ride by and wave hi hater
While the men keep buzzing like a vibrator, The fucking violator
Making ways out of no way
Straight come into your crib punch your face at the doorway
Shadow Clan, Enemy of the State
Run up on the President while he’s eating a plate
Bloody hand hold pen, Straight spitting the phlegm
Rep with my own team, I ain’t fucking with them
We’re under founders relished hope, The architecture of the antelope
Developed the game of death, The game of the black envelope
Doctor Shock’s experiment, Lights can not go inside, Death Star
Well the wolves’ll have their way in the forest where I am night
The last grave is yours before we grade on the curve
If the Black Widow Spider has killed you, A ladies words
Buffalos, Catalina, Dead man, Green cantina
The jewelry box broken ballerina, The graveyard team up
Dead, Deadly, Scary, The Tale of the Strawberry
The Man of the Terry, The Witch Dragon, Scary
The blind thing that makes no sense very
Scar feather paint, Wooden wompus, The disaster of the haunted
The sparrow lantern, The disease of one hundred
The blue grass, The girl in the, (Haha haha haha ha)
What Sexton shovel, Magnets, Magnus robot fighter
Eternal Warrior, The whisp, The will of the whisp
The creatures of arsenic, Ninja red lantern beach flick
The saints and the archer, Isaac and his father
Armstrong the demon in the harbor, Flight of the Navigator

[Outro: Buddha Monk]
Your slowly dying, Your body’s fasting
Dying, Fasting, Dying, Fasting, Dying

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