Gun Grave Lyrics by Holocaust & American Poets 2099

  • Album Release Date: 2015
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[Intro: Holocaust]
The History of Violence
Once known as the Holocaust of the Wu-Tang Clan
The History of Violence, The History of Violence
Gun Grave, by our sharing in this mystery, Alcatraz
The History of Violence, The History of Violence
Gun Grave, Gun Grave, Pacific Shaolin

[Chorus 3X: Holocaust]
The streets of L.A. where money talk and bullshit walk
My rap style leave a body out etched in chalk
For those who wait upon the Lord, renew their strength
Los Angeles, a terminal island Ladies and Gents

Nightwing, Gun Grave, Frightening, Like one cave
The history of violence that wets you like a sundae
Leakage to persuasion, So ring a bell still
Many people died the same day they fell ill
The black plague, A midnight rambler, I strike at you
Has an appointment with death, I reserve the right to shoot
An old woman, Gang Land, Green tea, Mislead pageant
One that inflicts vengeance, Night revolving the red dragon
Lightning strike, Parasite, Mistletoe, Apple tree whistle low
Block sock you through thirty-one buildings like when my pistol blow
I’ll crack his crown, Attack the ground, Track ya down like basset hounds
A world renowned firearm clown, Match box sound
The Green Lantern sports party til death, Photo scavenger hunt reports probably
They’ll be searching all over town, Four shotty crash course hobby
Gun armadillo, A rifle for a pillow, Clever, A weeping widow
Weathered down below, Embezzler lever, A great fiddle
Ohh that means ghetto, Humphrey Bogart the cold stone sonestrough
Late night the bird man of Alcatraz, You watched an episode
Eighty-eight stitches admission, Butterfly position
Physicians in kitchens dance with a dead mistress, Ingenious physicist
Alcatraz the King of witches, Without permission carrying henchmen
To spring feed from a surface, Or over an obstacle, A wing or an extension
To incline an opinion, To enter our escape through, A unit of distance
Haunch the boogie monster and the boogie man
Trumpet cookie monster with a cookie hand
A gun or perhaps L.A. or Manhattan looking, First precinct stupid rookies
Fuck whoever and, In hopes I never stand
Gangs stiffing earlier calculated in terms of British sterling’s
A gifted high frequency, Amp wire, Night Owl, Vampire, Firearm with sickness twirling
The Penguin, Cat Woman, The Joker, The Riddler, And The Mad Hatter
An opinion or doctrine contrary to church heroic, To practice witchcraft and laughter
The color of Henna dye, Why tough liquor at gay tackling
Like the inventor of the machine gun was Richard J. Gatling
[Chorus 2X]

Any of various market boney fish, A parrot, So show me this
A rocket propelled spacecraft, Off a place laid the werewolf coyote
He escaped, Put roses in his mouth, Out yo
A street door gunner, Leaky house, Gats so catfish go South
Frenzy of grey reef and other sharks, Feed near a photographer and dizzy number
A secret criminal society of the world till all is lost
An illicit addictive narcotic drug from Holocaust
I sleep at day, My feature spades and at night your gun grave
See we bury our dead at dawn and spook when spoken to
The streets had a crash of me, Devotion, And this disaster classically potent
You walk with a silent zombie, Tyrant mastering motion
Your broken without silence, Catastrophe notion
And the people who ran to the windows to look where incinerated by the
Flash of the explosion, Flash of the explosion, Flash of the explosion

[Chorus 2X]

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