Fancy Boxing Lyrics by Holocaust & American Poets 2099

  • Album Release Date: 2015
  • Features : {“Dungeon Masta”,”Judah Priest”,”Storm Da Ghetto Mutant”}

[Pro the Leader]
Theatre of Pain, Fancy Boxing
I’m not rational, The radical on the avenue grab’n you slam’n you
Slow motion gradual, Break your style down to a granule
Better get reinforcements, Drain you of all your resources
The elusive, Exclusive is of the main importance
Tele-kinetic electric surges, It’s eloquent
Respect the elements, This is attached to armored elephants
React the blue theatrical, Thermal detonators
Leave you in the binder’s pit with alligators, Out you traitors
Pro the Leader will get you now or later
Lyrics sharp as razors, On point like lasers, The eye glazer
I am in favor, But we’ll never abort mission
My master tracks better never come up missing
Fancy boxing, You must be high off oxycontin
You have no options, Honestly awesome, He ain’t playin opossum
Nah he just a dead rodent, The poison dart was potent
Fuck you and what your promoting, The walls are closing in
I’m closing in, Frozen like Han Solo in carbonite

Four times dastardly clean as graveyard masterpiece
The wolves, The bastard, The night forest Indians by a creek
The Hunter, The hunter Devon shot at the tiger
Shanty night forest creep, The flare from the psycho diver
Night, The tears out from the city of vampires to beneath
The mystery of the chemistry, Ten little Indians chiefs
Texas Brown Recluse Spider, You become killed by the entire
Find what type of Toucan, Micro-wire
Believes that all these forest trees path finder
________, Some little girl’s telescope made from Tyco
Zombie Staten, Bad Mitten, Floor collapses
The coffin’s had the orchards lit
Important unfortunate toxic sign of the Holocaust-ilic
[Judah Priest]
Yo, I shadow box in the darkness, March like the Spartans
Three hundred soldiers crushing your rose garden
The return of the Black Knight who’s army holds the gats tight
Walking through graveyards holding a flashlight
The Warcloud hovers, Deepness smothers your lungs
My name nose dive off your tongue
It’s Judah Priest, Beware of the beast
It’s the fourth horsemen, Leaving nothing but teeth
I walk with a black Sphinx combined with a Robot Tank
And Sleepy Hollow pulling gats out the mink
Sixteen bars to kill you off, Bring salvation after the Holocaust
The Theatre of Pain, Remember my name
J-Priest slay you in the purple rain
It’s high noon, Be saying goodbye soon
Fancy boxing, Don’t make me call the goons

[Nova Kane]
There’s two thousand ninety-nine new ways to die
The Killing Joke, Crossover classic, A Long Cold Dark Knight
Up is down, Black is white, No man’s land
Messiah war, Fables and reflections of fright
Being chased by a fire breathing serpent
Through velvet curtains, Certain they’ll be hurting
Begging for more then just a squirting
Splash em atticle, Rap styles stay radical
Our breath takes sabbaticals, Return un-battle-ble
Charged up in God’s trust, Rip flesh like car rust
Heart pumps hyperbolic with components like dump trucks
Trash time, I bash rhymes, Telepathic smash minds
Solar flares to the optics, Keep em dumb deaf and blind
Step inside, The best arrived just in the nick of time
Split the lime, Sour’s how their chasing after mine
Counter clock, The crisis time chambers, Reverse in time
Twist the mic in half, Making fireworks and sparks fly
[Dungeon Masta]
Yo, Street love acquired, You motherfuckers I’m tired
Newly hired, Yap your jaw wired
Remain in your domain, Non-compliance to fire
Hallowed be the author, I’m the Prier
Fix your face, Placed deep fryer
Another human be fresh pealing, Lets go rob’n and steal’n
Take from the rich to support my little bitch
Mommy I’ll scratch you, Tell me where you itch
Weak shit, Not a Library to ditch
My fork stay pitched, Broken soul, Snitch face oblivion
Which part of this reality that your living in
I dwell in the dark, Spark L’s frequently
Got the thing-thing just incase of emergencies
Early, I live off the building retire Ralph fairly

[Storm Da Ghetto Mutant]
Thoughts homicidal, Murder’n titles
I’m liable, To leave a victim with no vitals
Born hostile, Mental capacity colossal
The head pop apostle, Rip’n out your tonsils
And making a sling shot for a pigmy tot
Words coagulate, Forming a cerebral blood clot
Aneurysm on the spot, For those who forgot
So now rot, For filling yall suicide plots
Soul Kid from the start, Practitioner of the sacred art
Spitting lethal darts that’s known to stop hearts
A women apart, Swinging the flaming sword of Joan of Ark
Storm raining down a light of truth upon the dark
Third eye radiating, Vision of a hawk
Fancy boxing in the gutter, Streets of New York
If you ain’t from the tri-state stay the fuck out
We got lyrics here, This ain’t the dirty South

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